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Facial Surgery


As we age, our faces change. Wrinkles around the eyes appear and skin looses its elasticity.

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Facial Surgery


The goal of these procedures is to create a more balanced and beautifully shaped body.

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Facial Surgery


Whether you would like your breasts fuller, reduced in size, perkier, or just different, Dr. Yovino can turn that desire into a reality.

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Facial Surgery


Many women ages 30 and older must face a new reality: the skin becomes dry, spotted, dull, wrinkled…

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Justin Yovino, MD FACS

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Justin Yovino is a Beverly Hills based Plastic Surgeon with a special interest in Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery & an extensive command of the most advanced surgical techniques.Dr. Yovino is very experienced in aesthetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery. He is a dedicated physician who is committed to his patients, respects their privacy, & has an eye for beauty.

The practice, located in Beverly Hills serves patients both near and far who are interested in looking as good as they feel. Liposuction, with or without fat transfer, on various parts of the face, body, and legs is one procedure that draws patients to Ideal Face & Body.
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Sarah Yovino, MD

Double Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, Cosmetic Specialist, & Pain Management Physician

Dr. Sarah Yovino is a double board-certified, master injector specializing in non-surgical medical aesthetics and whole body rejuvenation. Following years of mentorship in cosmetic procedures by Dr. Justin Yovino, Dr. Sarah now leads the nonsurgical side of Ideal Face & Body. Utilizing her extensive training in pain management, Dr. Sarah has perfected the “painless” lip augmentation with the use of dental blocks and her exclusive, custom-formulated numbing cream. She specializes in a range of state-of-the-art medical aesthetic treatments, including facial rejuvenation with lasers and radiofrequency, microneedling, and chemical peels, as well as Botox and dermal filler injections. Her precise injection placements are designed to enhance your best features, leading to natural-looking, “born-with-it” results.

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We 💛 filler! This patient had filler injected into her Nasolabial Folds, AKA smile or laugh lines. Filler to the NL Folds creates the appearance of a softer and more youthful look. #facialfillers #nasolabialfolds #nasolabialfiller #juvederm #restylane #idealfaceandbody #masterinjector #california #beverlyhills ...

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HIP DIP FILL! A little fat can go a long way when placed in the correct area. Look at where the arrow is pointing and now look at the after photo. Boom! Curves. Interested? DM your full name email and phone number and we’ll contact you. #idealfaceandbody #precisionsculpt #hipdipfill #awakebuttlift #mother #wife #professional #skinnybbl #bbl #awakebbl #bestlipo #postbabylipo ...

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Looking for fuller lips? For February only, bring a friend and you both will receive 25% off on your lip augmentation! Call our office today to reserve a spot for you and a loved one. (310) 887-9999 💕💉💋 #lipsbydryovino #idealfaceandbody ...

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Precision Sculpt gives you instant results! 48 hours after Precision Sculpt 360 Abdomen and Arms, she is looking and feeling great! Over the next three months she’ll continue to get smaller and her results will amplify! Interested in getting the body of your dreams?! Call us, 310-887-9999 📞
#IdealFaceandBody #PrecisionSculpt #IdealBody #bodysculpting #beverlyhills

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It’s only been 2 days and look how good she looks. PRECISION SCULPT®️ Lipo 360. Interested? DM your full name email and phone number and we’ll contact you. #precisionsculpt #idealfaceandbody #lipo360 #lipo #awakelipo #bestlipo ...

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Lollipop 🍭 breast lift and reduction. Before and 3 months after. She was seen in the office yesterday. She feels supported and proportionate. Depending on your preference, this procedure can be performed awake or asleep. Interested? DM your full name email and phone number and we’ll contact you. #idealfaceandbody #breastlift #breastreduction #mastopexy #breastsurgery #plasticsurgery #beforeandafter ...

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We didn’t get to show her PRECISION SCULPT®️ AWAKE BUTT LIFT ѕм 2 days ago but here’s her selfie right after removing her garment for the first time. No bruising! Excellent early results. Her text to us: “Wow! What a difference. My arms aren’t even up and my waist looks so much smaller. Thank you so much I’m mind blown by your work! Still stunned by the difference!” #idealfaceandbody #precisionsculpt #lipo360 #awakebuttlift #bbl #hipdips #hipdipfill #awakelipo #bestlipo #plasticsurgery #snatched #selfie #beforeandafter ...

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Are you ready to transform your body with our awake BBL?! Let us create the curves of your dreams! Give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation today! ☎️ 310-887-9999 ☎️ #precisionsculpt #idealfaceandbody #awakebbl #bbl #transformation #beverlyhills ...

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In the past, the only option to correct micrognathia (a small jaw/chin) was to have surgery. While this is a permanent result, not all patients are ready for that. This patient was augmented with Restylane Lyft to help with his chin profile. It is an easy fix that will last about one year. 💉 #chinfiller #idealfaceandbody #facebydryovino ...

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Repeated neurotoxin injections with Botox or Dysport will cause atrophy (shrinking) of hypertrophied muscles. The top photo was from over a year ago before this patient was treated by me. The lower photo was actually taken BEFORE her latest treatment when she was due for more. You can see how much it has softened her look over this past year. She will need to maintain treatment or the muscles can get larger again. Other patients that feel like they have a larger lower face may elect to get the toxin injected into their masseter muscles to slim their lower face. 👩🏻‍⚕️Procedure: Botox
♥️ Goal: Soften wrinkles.
📚In Medical Terms: Injection of botulinum toxin to paralyze the muscle and smooth out facial rhytids. 🕑 Results: 3-5 days until onset and lasts for 3-4 months. ✍🏻 Method: Needle injections
💉 Anesthesia: ice
⏳ The procedure will take: 5-10 min
💐 Healing Process: there will be some swelling for the first few hours. 💰Current Average Cost: $260 and up.
🚩 Things to consider: there is a risk of bruising. 📱Call to book: 310-438-5166
📧 Email to book:
💻 Web:
🏢 Office Location: Beverly Hills, CA
—————————————— #allergan #idealfaceandbody
#beverlyhills #losangeles #california #santamonica #malibu #lasvegas #miami #botox #rhytids #dysport #doctor #masterinjector #plasticsurgery #realself

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