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Facial Surgery


As we age, our faces change. Wrinkles around the eyes appear and skin looses its elasticity.

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Facial Surgery


The goal of these procedures is to create a more balanced and beautifully shaped body.

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Facial Surgery


Whether you would like your breasts fuller, reduced in size, perkier, or just different, Dr. Yovino can turn that desire into a reality.

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Facial Surgery


Many women ages 30 and older must face a new reality: the skin becomes dry, spotted, dull, wrinkled…

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Justin Yovino, MD FACS

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Justin Yovino is a Beverly Hills based Plastic Surgeon with a special interest in Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery & an extensive command of the most advanced surgical techniques.Dr. Yovino is very experienced in aesthetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery. He is a dedicated physician who is committed to his patients, respects their privacy, & has an eye for beauty.

The practice, located in Beverly Hills serves patients both near and far who are interested in looking as good as they feel. Liposuction, with or without fat transfer, on various parts of the face, body, and legs is one procedure that draws patients to Ideal Face & Body.
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Sarah Yovino, MD

Double Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, Cosmetic Specialist, & Pain Management Physician

At Ideal Face & Body of Beverly Hills, she specializes in performing a wide variety of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. A few such treatments would be; neuromodulators (Botox), injectable fillers (JUVÉDERM), non-invasive body sculpting procedures (Venus Legacy, & our exclusive "THE RADIANT FACIAL" a procedure that includes a combination of treatments to achieve the greatest and most drastic improvements possible.

Dr. Sarah Yovino is also the friendly face you’ll see in our procedure room, administering all of our anesthesia needs, as well as the needs of other prominent Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons.
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Does your neck need a little love? You should come in for ResurFx laser resurfacing to tighten, even the tone and smooth out the skin. This is perfect to do before summer rolls around! Call 310-887-9999 or DM me your name and info and we will call you. #beautifulskin #idealfaceandbody #facebydryovino @idealfaceandbody #skincare #laserresurfacing ...

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A little humor for you on this Thursday! Who is ready to come in for their Precision Sculpt and get their body snatched?! Give is a call 310-887-9999 for your consultation today! #idealfaceandbody #precisionsculpt®️ #precisionsculpt #snatched #waistsnatched ...

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It is amazing how much a little filler can make someone look younger. What do you think about this transformation? A lot of people don’t realize that the temple area can age them. This patient is only 35!!!!! She looked good before, but looks fantastic now! 🙌🏼🥳💉 #facebydryovino #idealfaceandbody ...

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1 mL Restylane Defyne 💉💋 #lipsbydryovino #idealfaceandbody ...

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PRECISION SCULPT®️ front bra rolls. It may not seem visually dramatic but it is to each and every patient who has it removed. It makes the whole area more attractive. It’s performed awake via two tiny skin openings (one in the armpit and one in the bra line). Call 310-887-9999 or DM your full name email and phone number and we’ll contact you. #idealfaceandbody #frontbraroll #braroll #pittit #precisionsculpt #awakelipo #lipo ...

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Get glam for the holidays while giving back! Until December 20th bring in a new toy for @baby2baby and receive 25% off any non-surgical service! Call 310-887-9999 to schedule today!
#idealfaceandbody #facebydrsarah #lipsbydrsarah #facebyyovino #bodybyyovino #holidayseason

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Give yourself the gift of PRECISION SCULPT®️. She did. 💚💙❤️ Call 310-887-9999 Today 9-5. #justdoit #idealfaceandbody #awakelipo #precisionsculpt #bestlipo #lipoLA #lipobeverlyhills #beforeandafter3months #financing #financingavailable #carecredit ...

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These lips were injected with 1 mL of the hyaluronic acid called Vollure. Vollure is part of the Juvederm Vycross line that has more cross-linking. What that means is that it won’t break down as fast as the traditional hyaluronic acid fillers. Vollure lasts for up to 18 months. With that said, it is usually not completely gone at that time. It is a great option for patients that feel their filler doesn’t last as expected. If interested, DM me your name and number and our office with call you. #lipsbydryovino #idealfaceandbody #lipfillers #beforeandafter #vollure ...

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We sculpt all shapes and sizes. She eats healthy and exercises regularly. We shined her up by thinning the stubborn areas and nourishing the buttocks. Interested? DM your full name email and phone number and we’ll contact you. #skinnybbl #skinnylipo #skinnier #idealfaceandbody #precisionsculpt #awakebuttlift #buttlift #modelbbl #bestlipo #liposculpture ...

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If you’re thinking about having a breast lift then you should watch this video on YouTube. If you don’t want to be “put under” general anesthesia then you really should see this YouTube video. Subscribe to IDEAL FACE & BODY JUSTIN YOVINO #breastlift #awakebreastlift #awakemastopexy #awakesurgery #awakeexpert #youtube #videos #testimonial ...

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!! We are so grateful for all our patients, friends and family. 💖🦃🍗🌽🥬🥔🥗🥧🍽🍷🍻🥂 #thankful #thanksgiving #idealfaceandbody ...

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