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Best Christmas gift I made to myself! Dr. Yovino and his team are truly Amazing! I was a candidate for a tummy tuck but for personal reasons I decide just to go with lipo 360. I’m extremely happy with my results and will definitely go back to Dr. Yovino and his team if I ever decide to do that tummy tuck or any other procedure. Thank you so much Dr. Yovino and team!!💕
I never write reviews, but I have been taken such good care of at Ideal Face and Body by both Dr’s Justin and Sarah Yovino. I have extreme anxiety at doctors offices, but the care and compassion by Dr Justin is beyond compare. He says “he treats people the way he would want to be treated,” and that absolutely shows in his practice. This place is the go-to for awake liposuction, his very own advanced technique called ‘Precision Sculpt’. Dr Justin also took extreme care of my wound after an emergency surgery went wrong in the hospital. If it weren’t for him, I would have spent much more time healing. I have been seeing Dr Sarah for several years taking advantage of her medical grade skin care techniques. She always makes sure every single procedure is painless and tailored to your own face… there is no “one-size-fits-all” in this office, no matter who you see. As soon as you walk in and are greeted by their amazing staff, you know you are going to be well cared-for. If you are considering having anything done on face or body, please consider seeing the amazing duo at Ideal Face and Body.
Cody Brown
Ultimate Care
When it comes to life, they tell you to put your best face forward. This can’t be done without going to Dr. Sarah Yovino at Ideal Face & Body. The building is easy to access, the office is extremely clean, and you are always greeted by a warm receptionist! Any questions or concerns? They are eager and happy to help you with all your needs. Ashleigh (who works in the office) is the best as well!!! The best thing about Dr. Sarah is that she does not try to “sell” you like other injectors. She is a master of her craft and will give you what you need without going overboard. I always leave happy knowing she cares about my appearance and that I am not just another patient number. All in all, she is the best. Period. No if’s, ands, or buts about it!
Put Your Best Face Forward
After trying for months to lose weight on my own I decided to get 360 precision awake liposuction I found my wonderful doctor Yovino through a friend that had just been his patient. I made a spur of the moment decision to have surgery in August and we are now in November I’m 47 years young and I have gone from 202 to 175. With diet and exercise I have filled my desire to lose several dress sizes and weight. He has given me a blank canvas to maintain my weight goals. Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back.
360 awake precision lipo
I want to thank all the staff at Ideal Face and Body for being so kind and made my procedure 100 times better. The environment there is the best! My procedure was PRECISION SCULPT®️ Chin,Neck,& jawline with the addition of buccal fat removal. It was one of my biggest insecurities, but now I’m on my 2nd day recovery and I’m already so confident with my results!! I couldn’t thank Dr. Hakimi enough for doing my procedure he is AMAZING with giving me such beautiful results! I also want to thank Dr. Yovino and the ladies in the office for being such a great help throughout my process of getting this done! I do recommend this place to everyone who plans on getting anything done and wants amazing results, being awake during the whole procedure is such a great experience!! Can’t wait to go back again to get more done lol!
Savannah Landrum
I can't express enough gratitude to Dr Justin and his staff for taking such great care of me at Ideal Body. From then very first steps of having a consultation, to post op care.. every step was phenomenal & smooth! I received PRECISION SCULPT®️ liposculpting 360 & on my chin/neck/jaw. My confidence has boosted 1000% and I am very excited to be starting this journey of being the best version of myself! The actual procedure itself was great.. Dr Justin & his SA Michelle made sure I was comfortable during the whole process. Thank you Dr Justin for helping me bring back the confidence & spark back into my life! You truly are amazing at what you do!
Priscilla Perez
Amazing Dr & amazing results!
I couldn’t be more happy. Dr Yovino really is the best at what he does you will not regret choosing him! I love my results! I knew doctor Yovino was gonna do a good job removing my Buffalo hump aka dorsocervical fat pad but he really exceeded my expectations!! My hump is COMPLETELY gone and I never knew my upper back could look this good! I am so grateful with Dr Yovino and his staff for making me feel so comfortable and making it an amazing experience. I 100% recommended doctor Yovino!
My Buffalo hump is COMPLETELY gone!!
I have always been terrified of being put under. I was thrilled when I found this place online and couldn't wait to book a consult. I met Dr. Justin Yovino via a virtual consult. I explained to him how I'm even sensitive to narcotics and Xanax. He said he would work around this and just wanted me to be comfortable. I was so stoked! Most patients probably enjoy the relaxation from the medication, but for me I get really nauseated and just want to be fully aware at all times. Silly I know, but I was so glad that Dr. Yovino was willing to work with my needs. I immediately felt comfortable and knew he was my doc! Next comes Ashleigh.... She is the sweetest and answered all of my questions. We worked out a deal and she was great at accommodating my schedule. What was most helpful was the fact that she's also had some of these procedures done by Dr. Yovino. Once you see her it helps re-confirm your decision because she looks incredible!! Dr. Sarah Yovino also does her injection work and wow, it looks so natural and beautiful! Ashleigh is very raw and honest with her experience. I asked her so many questions and she never made me feel like I was a bother. Procedure day comes and I was greeted by smiling faces. Ashleigh checked on me multiple times while I signed paperwork and made sure I didn't have any questions. I was a little nervous but nothing like I would be if I knew I would be getting put to sleep. Once Dr. Yovino came in, my nerves instantly calmed. He's just so easy going and has this genuineness about him where you just feel you're in good hands. During the procedure I met nurse Michelle. She is in the room with you the entire procedure assisting Dr. Yovino. She is a beautiful, petite girl, with such a nurturing calmness to her. Don't be fooled by her size, when she's helping you get those tight garments on, you'll find she has some serious strength! I felt 100% comfortable with her and could tell she enjoys her job and taking care of people. As for my
Best Doc and Team!
After having two kids, I decided to opt-in for the 360 Abdomen with Renuvion procedure a few months ago. I researched quite a few places and came across Ideal Face & Body on Instagram. I contacted them and spoke to Jasmine (amazing!) and Ashleigh (who was super attentive and so sweet!). They were able to answer all my questions and put me in touch with Dr. Hakimi (the best!) for a virtual consultation. The consultation itself was so smooth. They were so professional and answered all my questions. I booked my procedure the same day. For the days leading up to the consultation, Ashleigh was available via phone to help ease all my fears (that helped so much!). The day of was SO nerve-racking. They took my before photos and gave me an anxiety med which put me in too good of a mood. Then they helped me to my surgery room. During the procedure, Dr. Hakimi explained thoroughly everything he was doing and even played some of my choice of music (great touch by the way!). I was so comfortable during the procedure that I even think I started singing along. After the procedure, I was able to get up, and walk right out the door to my husband who was waiting for me to take me home. I didn't experience any nausea at all after my surgery and was able to take Tylenol for the pain with no issues. The next day, I felt bloated but could definitely see a difference. I took Tylenol every few hours to help with the pain which was very manageable. It feels no worse than a scratched-up knee at the procedure site. Dr. Hakimi called me that night and followed up with me on the days thereafter and Ashleigh was available by phone when I needed her. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, and would definitely recommend Dr. Hakimi and the team. As far as the procedure - BEST. DECISION. Period!! I would do this over again in a heartbeat! My clothes fit so much better and just sitting down feels so much more comfortable. The renuvion definitely helped too! Now that I am three months post-op wi
Best decision I've ever made!!
I had several consultations with different doctors. I knew Dr. Yovino was the right choice when he patiently explained all of the details about the procedure and what to expect. He was kind and empathetic and very informative. This consultation was impactful and I was also impressed by his gallery of work . The before and after's also helped solidify my choice. The day of the surgery I was nervous. There is no doubt about it. But the procedure went smoothly, I experienced some pain during the procedure but I expected that with a twilight procedure. I was able to manage it with more of the gas. I want to also mention that this assistant was wonderful. Unfortunately I don't remember her name but she and Dr Yovino were comforting during the procedure... Following the procedure Dr Yovino called to check on me and see how I was healing. I am blown away with the results! He really gave me a new start and I am grateful. I will be returning for any other procedures I need. I also want to mention that if you have the massage treatments following the 360 lipo it improves your results. Dr Yovino will explain to you why. He is brilliant and extremely experienced and has the eye of an artist. I highly recommend.
360 Lipo I am so glad I went to Dr Yovino!

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