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All About Revision Liposuction

Liposuction has the potential to significantly improve your body’s shape and contour, producing significantly desirable results for the recipient. At Ideal Face & Body, liposuction procedures can have many benefits; in fact, this procedure can even improve your health in some cases. However, in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, this cosmetic procedure can result in unnatural body contours, lumpiness, asymmetry, rippling of the skin, and indentions. This is where revision liposuction comes in.

Why is Revision Liposuction Performed?

Some ineffective liposuction procedures occur when too much or too little fat is removed, while others result from asymmetry. This can be the sum total of poor planning on the part of the surgeon, post-procedure complications, or problems with the actual liposuction procedure.

The growing demand for plastic surgery has seen a rise in the number of facilities offering cosmetic surgery procedures like liposuction. The emergence of medical tourism has also increased the uptake of cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, some cosmetic surgeons have very little training or experience to perform these procedures successfully, and this increases the risk of undesirable results.

Revision liposuction is recommended not only for poorly performed liposuction, but also as a remedy to changes in the patient’s body. Individuals who have experienced sudden weight loss or weight gain may require revision liposuction to correct the irregularities that have altered the body shape. The procedure may also be necessary for individuals who have had successful liposuction but have since gained weight or aged in the years following the procedure.

Can You Avoid Revision Liposuction?

The key to avoiding this procedure in the first place is to ensure that you do your homework well before settling for a clinic for your liposuction. There are different types of liposuction procedures depending on the target area and expected results. Thus, ensuring that you undergo the most appropriate procedure for your cosmetic needs will definitely help minimize your chances of an unsatisfactory outcome.

While you may be satisfied with the clinic and its facilities, it is equally important that you do some research on the surgeon who is going to perform the procedure on you. Are they qualified to perform the specific procedure you are seeking? What about their experience? Are they ready to share their portfolio or provide referrals?

If you are thinking about traveling abroad for your liposuction procedure, be sure to understand the risks involved before taking off. Do not base your decision on glossy brochures and appealing price tags.

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Undergoing ineffective liposuction and being left with undesirable results can be quite emotional. Get in touch with Ideal Face & Body today to schedule a consultation in Beverly Hills and get more facts on how revision liposuction can help you realize your desired results. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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