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Buffalo Hump Removal: What Is the Best Approach?

Maintaining perfect posture is hard, especially since most of us work at a desk job and are therefore sitting for most of the day. Over time, many people develop a buffalo hump, also called a dorso-cervical fat pad, which can appear as a side-effect of medication, due to a hormonal condition, or simply because the patient used to be severely overweight. At Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills, CA, we can offer you a unique buffalo hump removal method.

Precision Sculpt is the perfect treatment for a dorso-cervical fat pad because it combines laser technology with liposuction. It is therefore a less invasive and more comprehensive method than traditional liposuction. In fact, many of our patients see great, permanent results within days. Today, let’s have a closer look at how we can help you get rid of your buffalo hump using Precision Sculpt.

What Is the Best Approach to Buffalo Hump Removal?

Unfortunately, diet and exercise changes are unlikely to improve the appearance of your upper back once a buffalo hump has formed. This is because the fat deposits have hardened and can’t be removed without surgical interference. If you’re looking for a method that is less invasive than traditional liposuction and can change your appearance drastically, Precision Sculpt is the way to go.

When you come to the clinic with your cosmetic concern, we will speak to you about the cause of the hump. It’s always important that you address the reason why it formed, since we can’t guarantee a permanent solution unless your condition, weight problem, or hormone disorder has been treated. Once you’re healthy and have achieved your target weight, we will approve you for Precision Sculpt, and you can have the buffalo hump removed for good.

The Benefits of Precision Sculpt

Various clinics around the country offer solutions for people suffering from a dorso-cervical fat pad. But Precision Sculpt is unique to Ideal Face & Body, and it is a more effective way of removing the excess tissue than more traditional methods. The main reason why most patients choose us is because of the great results we achieve, but they also appreciate the fact that we only use local, not general, anesthesia.

Compared to other fat removal techniques, Precision Sculpt is gentle, and it doesn’t cause the same side effects. Many people who have worked with our surgeons report that they returned to work only days after their session and that their results began to show much earlier than expected.

Only Local Anesthesia Needed

Often, patients delay coming to the clinic because they are worried about undergoing elective surgery. There are risks associated with general anesthesia, and it is not appropriate for those patients who have underlying health conditions. But when you opt for Precision Sculpt, you don’t have to worry because we use gentle anesthetic devices that affect only the treatment area.

Thus, you’ll be conscious during your session, and you won’t have to stay at a hospital overnight or take weeks off work to recover. If you have a medical condition and have been told you can’t participate in elective surgery, you should request a consultation with one of our surgeons. You might be eligible for Precision Sculpt buffalo hump removal because of its gentle nature.

Effective Removal Technique

Despite the fact that you don’t have to be put under local anesthesia, Precision Sculpt is extremely effective. Your surgeon will start by targeting your dorso-cervical fat pad with the laser, thus softening it and making it easier to remove. Then, microcannulas that are tailored to your body are used to extract the excess fat from your upper back.

During the treatment, you will be placed on a specialized pillow, which gives your doctor good access to the upper back and increases our method’s effectiveness. The whole process might take around one hour, and by the end of it, you will look completely different.

Limited Side Effects

Surgery is often associated with long-lasting side effects that force patients to take a significant chunk of time off work. But this isn’t the case with Precision Sculpt. You can leave the clinic once your treatment is complete, then recover at home for a day or two. Many of our patients, especially those with jobs that don’t require heavy lifting or physical exercise, resume their work within a few days of their appointment.

Great Results within Days

After your treatment, it might take several days or even weeks for your results to appear. However, it isn’t uncommon for people to feel completely different just a week after their appointment. Because the fat has been removed from their body, they stand up straighter almost immediately.

In most cases, Precision Sculpt is considered permanent since it removes the fat cells that caused the issue. Despite this, you will need to monitor your health and lifestyle. If you gain a lot of weight or develop a condition such as osteoporosis, your hump could recur. Your surgeon can give you more information and help you make sure your results are permanent.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Most people who suffer from dorso-cervical fat can benefit from Precision Sculpt, but we will evaluate your situation thoroughly before approving you for treatment. At your initial consultation, we will examine your back and ask you why your hump developed. We will also examine your medical history to make sure liposuction is safe for you and to check what other cosmetic treatments you have undergone in the past.

You Are Struggling with a Buffalo Hump

Although it doesn’t usually cause serious medical issues, a buffalo hump can be very disruptive to your life. It alters your posture and the way you move, thus affecting your self-confidence. Many people are eager to get rid of this excess fat and regain their youthful appearance. If you’re worried about a buildup of tissue in your upper back, you shouldn’t delay contacting your local clinic and finding out more about Precision Sculpt.

You Have Tried Other Methods and Are at a Healthy Weight

The best candidates for buffalo hump removal have already addressed the cause of their excess tissue. This is essential because it prevents the hump from returning in the future, which is likely if the medical or lifestyle problem persists. For instance, you might have developed your buffalo hump because you were overweight but have since worked hard to achieve your target weight.

If this describes your situation, Precision Sculpt is the perfect solution for you. It isn’t a weight-loss treatment, and we can only work with patients who have already optimized their diet and exercise routine and are unlikely to regain the weight they have lost. The purpose of treatment is to remove tissue that can’t be addressed by traditional weight loss measures.

You Are in Good General Health

As mentioned, this treatment is suitable for many patients because it doesn’t involve general anesthesia. However, there are still certain conditions that preclude patients from taking part. You can’t have your buffalo hump removed with liposuction if you have a disease that weakens your body’s ability to heal itself.

If you’re currently pregnant or breastfeeding, we will advise you to wait with treatment. Although it isn’t likely that Precision Sculpt causes harm to pregnant women or their children, it’s better to be on the safe side. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in touch. We can discuss the details of your situation now and book you in for the future. Once your child is older, there’s nothing standing between you and the perfect back shape you’ve been craving.

Get Rid of Your Buffalo Hump Today and Achieve Perfect Posture

No matter how much you diet and how often you exercise, you’re unlikely to get rid of your buffalo hump without treatment. The fat stored behind the shoulders is often hardened and therefore doesn’t respond to traditional weight loss measures. Fortunately, we have the ideal buffalo hump removal method here at our clinic. Precision Sculpt has been used on thousands of patients with great results.

In addition to being more effective than liposuction, this treatment is also less taxing on the body because you don’t need to undergo general anesthesia. Thus, you can recover quickly at home and return to work within a few days. Get in touch with us now at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills, CA to book your initial consultation. We will be more than happy to speak to you about your issue with dorso-cervical fat and help you find a solution.

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