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Does Neck Liposuction Really Work?

If you have stubborn fat deposits around your chin and neck that resist all your best efforts of diet and exercise, you might be a good candidate for neck liposuction. Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills, California can help you achieve the smoother look you’ve always dreamed of. In this article we will discuss the benefits of neck liposuction and what you can expect in terms of results and recovery time. Genetics and heredity both contribute to the accumulation of stores of fat in undesirable regions, but this treatment allows you to achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

Why Consider Neck Liposuction?

No matter how diligent you are with exercise and diet, your body can still create fat deposits in unsightly areas. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to exercise the neck or the chin to reduce a pocket of body fat. Liposuction is one of the best ways to remove these deposits. If you have a feature that displeases you, you have the right to do something about it.

Fat deposits in the neck and chin are a common beauty concern. Removing these deposits has a slimming effect that can encompass your entire aesthetic. 

Does Neck Liposuction Really Work?

Liposuction is a very popular and effective treatment for removing unsightly fat deposits. Modern methods are highly efficient and take advantage of advances in technology to improve efficiency and reduce recovery time.

The face and neck are focal points in any social interaction. Fat deposits on the neck have a detrimental effect on your overall appearance. Liposuction around the neck and chin can permanently remove those fat deposits. The treatment is effective, comfortable, and affordable. Treating a small area of the neck and chin can have a tremendous impact on your self-confidence, overall beauty, and personal image.

How Does Liposuction Work?

During liposuction on the neck and chin, a micro-cannula is inserted under the skin to remove fat through laser lipolysis. Laser lipolysis permanently removes fat stores from the body through the generation of heat. The process also has a therapeutic effect that encourages skin tightening on the outer layers.

The treatment reduces sagging and the appearance of cellulite. If further skin tightening is necessary, subdermal radiofrequency can also be used to create a younger, more beautiful look. The combination of fat removal and skin tightening creates a superior look.

How Is Laser Lipolysis Different?

Laser lipolysis, or smart lipo, has many advantages over traditional liposuction methods. The treatment uses a medical laser housed in the cannula. Unlike traditional liposuction, laser lipolysis does not utilize suction.

The result is that a process that is more gentle on the surrounding tissue. Laser lipolysis is the ideal treatment for small areas and is perfect for the neck and chin. The cannula is small, and the treatment stimulates benefits beyond fat removal.

Is the Treatment Permanent?

The treatment permanently removes the existing fat deposits from the target area. However, the treatment does not prevent new fat deposits from forming. If you maintain your goal weight, the fat is unlikely to ever return. If you abandon your overall health and wellness regime, it is possible that your body will again store fat in the target area.

Remember that your body is in a constant state of evolution and hormonal change. You can expect your body to store fat in different places as you age. Eliminating a problem area now might mean it will not return.

Do You Have to Sleep for Neck Liposuction?

Patients can receive this treatment while awake and aware. Local anesthesia or oral pain and relaxation medications will induce a lack of sensation to the target area. Using localized pain medications ensures the patient will recover quickly and makes the treatment safe, painless, and convenient. You can listen to the music of your choice or watch television as your specialist performs the treatment.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

In most cases, your specialist can complete your treatment in less than an hour. Both the treatment and the recovery periods are very fast for this beautifying process.

When Will I See Results?

The first results will be visible in about forty-eight hours with continued improvements for about three months. The fat will be gone immediately, but the skin tightening stimulation is a natural process that requires time for full effect.

Although you do not see the full benefits for a few months, you will be camera-ready in a few days. Most patients enjoy monitoring the improvement in their skin, neck, and jawline for weeks after the treatment. It’s rewarding and satisfying to get up in the morning and be more beautiful than the night before.

What Does the Ideal Candidate Look Like?

As with any beauty treatment, it’s important to go into neck and chin liposuction with the right expectations. The best results will be achieved by individuals who have already embraced a healthy diet and follow a good fitness regimen. A commitment to overall health and well-being is essential. This treatment helps you cross the finish line to your beauty objectives by eliminating the stubborn pockets of fat that accumulate in places you cannot exercise.

Fat pockets around your neck and chin can lead to issues with self-esteem and create an unfair impression of poor health. Although the neck and chin is a small area, it is a critical area for your self-confidence and your overall aesthetic. Treating problem areas that are resistant to other forms of reduction can be empowering and satisfying for you. You have a right to achieve the appearance of your dreams, and this treatment gives you the power to succeed. Here are some ways the treatment can benefit you:

Have a Double Chin Removed

Even if you have shown successful commitment to weight loss and personal improvement, you might still have a double chin. Your skin can stretch during times of weight gain, and double chins are unsightly and hard to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. The rejuvenating skin tightening effect of laser lipolysis will allow you to get rid of that stubborn double chin forever.

Get a Sculpted Jawline

You only need to look at a poster for a Hollywood film to understand the importance of a sculpted jawline. A jaw obscured by fat deposits eliminates one of the most expressive features of your face.

It is hard enough to make people understand and comprehend you without enduring the additional obstacle of obscuring your jawline. A wink goes a long way in flirtation, but a sculpted jawline can be an equally powerful weapon in your arsenal of beauty.

Escape Poor First Impressions

First impressions create a psychological barrier that can be hard to overcome. Fat deposits on your neck and jaw give out the wrong impression. Attention is fleeting, and if a casual glance falls upon your worst feature first, you can miss out on a life-altering opportunity.

It’s unfair that a stubborn fat deposit can be a distraction from the rest of the work you’ve done on yourself. It feels great to remove those pockets of fat once and for all and allow your true beauty to take center stage.

Get Help When You’ve Exhausted Other Options

Many patients come to this treatment after they have failed to get the results they desired from other non-invasive methods. Diet and exercise and treatments like CoolSculpting cannot remove as much fat as liposuction. If everything else has failed and you still haven’t achieved the aesthetic you are striving for, this treatment can be the answer, and it is worth going in for a consultation.

What Is a Liposuction Consultation Like?

A consultation is an appointment where you can put your mind at ease and get all of your questions about liposuction answered by a specialist. It is important that you feel safe and comfortable prior to your appointment for liposuction or any other weight-loss treatment. At your consultation, you will get to know your specialist and he or she will evaluate your health to ensure you are a good candidate for the treatment. Your specialist can also offer you guidance to prepare for the treatment so you get the greatest possible benefit.

When you prepare for your consultation, bring in a set of written notes with all your questions and concerns. There can be some technical talk during the consultation, and you don’t want to forget any important discussion points. Your specialist will be able to guide you with complimentary treatment suggestions and strategies that you might not have considered. It is important that you leave the consultation with a strong understanding of the treatment and realistic expectations of what you can hope to achieve.

Can I Bring a Friend?

A support network can be a huge benefit to anyone as they pursue their weight loss and beautification goals. A parent, romantic partner, or friend can be a tremendous asset in planning and preparing for your liposuction treatment. The more people you have assisting you in achieving your dreams, the more likely you are to reach them. You can even ask about treatment for couples.

Be Honest About All Medications

It is important to be completely honest with your specialist about all your medications just as you would for any other medical treatment. If you begin a prescription for an illness between your consultation and your scheduled appointment, it’s important to disclose that information to your specialist. Your health and well-being are always the utmost concern and appointments can always be rescheduled if necessary.

Get Ready to Meet the New You

There is no reason to live your life embarrassed by unsightly deposits of fat on your neck and chin that are resistant to all your efforts of elimination. Liposuction works, and you have a right to show the world your true radiance. Neck liposuction can draw back the curtain and allow your inner beauty to take center stage. The treatment is safe, inexpensive, and convenient and the results can make a fundamental difference in your personal perception of self. Don’t let heredity and genetics hold you back, you have a right to achieve your ideal look.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Contact the neck liposuction specialists at Ideal Face and Body in Beverly Hills, California to discover how liposuction for the neck and chin can work for you. Hollywood actors and actresses have long relied on liposuction to achieve their perfect appearance. There’s no reason to endure the dissatisfaction and loss of self-esteem you experience because of unsightly pockets of fat. Schedule your consultation today and let us help you finally cross the finish line to your long-desired beauty ambitions.

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