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How Does a Breast Reduction Work?

Extremely large breasts, a condition also called macromastia, can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, but they also bring some health risks with them. In particular, you may experience shoulder and neck tension or pain, rashes beneath your breasts, chronic headaches, numbness due to nerve compression, and an inability to exercise. Here at Ideal Face and Body in Beverly Hills, CA, we can help you out with breast reduction surgery.

Although many surgeons decide to use general anesthesia, we can perform this procedure with a simple local anesthetic, so you will be awake the whole time. This can make your recovery process easier and reduce the risks commonly associated with surgery. Let’s have a closer look at how the process works and whether this could be a way for you to address your macromastia.

How Breast Reduction Works

There are two ways of reducing the size of your breasts. In some cases, we can simply use liposuction, and in others, we will make incisions in your breasts to take out the excess tissue. No matter what, you will first be invited to a consultation at the clinic, during which we find more about you and the reason why you’re considering this surgery.

Because we are able to perform the operation without general anesthesia, you are likely to enjoy a shorter recovery period. Your doctor can discuss how long it will take for you to get better and what you should avoid doing in the days and weeks after the procedure.

Your Consultation

The first step towards achieving your ideal breast size is getting in touch with us at the clinic and booking your initial consultation. During this meeting, you and your doctor will discuss the reason why you want surgery, the ideal outcome, and your medical history. It serves to tailor the treatment to your needs and ensure your safety.

We need to make sure that you are a good candidate and that you have no conditions that could impact the outcome of surgery. For this reason, you should always bring a complete record of past treatments and current health conditions. Make sure to let us know if you take any prescription medications or supplements, as you might need to stop them temporarily if they interfere with surgery.

The Surgery

During the first meeting, we will decide whether you need to have your breasts reduced and if so, which method will be used. Your doctor can let you know what you need to do before coming in. For instance, you will need to stop taking blood-thinning substances like NSAIDs, and you should plan ahead for the days you won’t be mobile. Cook or order food beforehand, and check that there is someone who can stay with you as you recover.

Most commonly, our doctors will try to perform the operation with a local anesthetic, so you will be awake during the process. Your tissue will either be removed via some incisions in your breasts, or we may be able to simply perform liposuction and reduce its size in this way. In most cases, the actual surgery will take 2-3 hours. However, the exact method and the duration of the procedure are individual, and they will be discussed beforehand.


Most patients will need to stay at home for several days or even weeks after breast reduction surgery. It might take two to six weeks until you can resume all your previous activities and exercise vigorously again. Depending on the nature of your work, you could return within one week, but if physical activity is involved, you should rest for longer.

In addition, your doctor will advise you to wear a compression garment to keep your breasts supported while they heal. You should do so diligently and also follow any instructions about ideal sleeping positions. Don’t resume driving until wearing a seatbelt is no longer painful.

Your Results

Although the recovery process will take several weeks, your results will be instantaneous. As soon as you come out of surgery, you will notice that your breasts look smaller and have taken on the shape you desired. Your results will then continue to improve until you are completely healed in around one month’s time.

You can expect the reduction surgery to last for the rest of your life, so you won’t have to return to the clinic and have it done again. However, keep in mind that the shape of your breasts changes when you lose or gain a lot of weight. For this reason, you should have achieved your optimal weight before having surgery, since you might have to repeat the procedure if a large weight fluctuation changes your breasts’ appearance.

Who Should Have this Procedure?

Many factors affect your breast size, and they include your genetic makeup, your environment and lifestyle choices during your teenage years, and your current weight. Some women also experience macromastia when they get pregnant and their hormonal balance changes. The condition can have a negative effect on your life, both physically and mentally. That’s why most women suffering from this condition are good candidates for reduction surgery.

Your Health Is at Risk

When evaluating whether you should have the procedure, your doctor will examine your overall health. If your breast size is causing you health problems, you are likely to be eligible for surgery. Extremely large breasts can have varied consequences on your life. Most commonly, women experience tension and pain in their head, shoulders, and neck, as the weight of the breasts affects the muscles surrounding them.

In certain cases, the nerves can be compressed, which leads to numbness. Many women also experience rashes under their breasts, which happen because the tissue overlaps and therefore creates the perfect dark and damp conditions for infections. Any of these issues could be a reason to undergo surgery, especially as there are few other ways to address them.

You Are Self-Conscious About Your Breasts

Medical issues related to your large breasts are the most common reasons why we approve someone for surgery, but they aren’t the only ones. You could also be eligible if your macromastia affects the way you feel about yourself and your body. Issues with self-confidence are particularly common in women who did not always suffer from the condition but instead started experiencing it after pregnancy.

The change in your body might feel unnatural, and you may want to reverse it. A simple procedure, such as liposuction or awake breast reduction ℠, can make all the difference and allow you to enjoy your chest’s look once again. Don’t delay getting in touch after your baby has stopped breastfeeding, as you might be able to undergo surgery sooner rather than later.

You Are in Good General Health

Aside from the reason for surgery, we will also examine your current health. Your doctor will ask about your lifestyle and how often you exercise. Some people with macromastia find getting enough exercise challenging because their large breasts are a hindrance. However, you should still work on a healthy lifestyle and reach your target weight before you come to the clinic for surgery.

No matter the situation, you should always declare any health issues you have had in the past. Even if it doesn’t seem relevant at the moment, your doctor needs to know in order to make surgery as safe as possible for you. This includes any allergies you’ve had, previous conditions, medications you had to take, and past surgeries. By disclosing everything, you help us tailor the process to your needs and create the best results for you.

Optimize the Size and Shape of Your Breasts Now

People suffering from macromastia have very large breasts that inhibit normal day-to-day activities and exercise. What’s more, such breasts are often associated with health problems like rashes, head, neck, and shoulder pain, and numbness. Fortunately, there is an easy way to resolve the problem here at the clinic. Awake breast reduction ℠ surgery allows you to achieve a more reasonable size that doesn’t impact your health in a negative way.

Because we use a local anesthetic, you can expect to experience fewer side effects and a shorter recovery time than you would with full anesthesia. What’s more, this method is less risky, as you will be conscious the whole time. Call or message us now at Ideal Face and Body in Beverly Hills, CA to book your consultation with one of our specialists. We can evaluate whether surgery is the way for you to get rid of your symptoms.

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