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How Long Do Neck Liposuction Results Last?

Stubborn fat shows up everywhere, but stubborn fat on your neck can be even more frustrating because you can’t perform any exercises for your neck. When your exercise routine and diet don’t make a difference in helping reduce the total fat volume in your neck, you need something more. At Ideal Face and Body in Beverly Hills, CA, we offer neck liposuction to permanently remove the fat cells from your neck so you can have a sleek and contoured neck profile.

How Long Will the Results of Neck Liposuction Last?

Once you undergo liposuction, the results are intended to be permanent. Liposuction manually removes those stubborn fat cells from your neck for good. Once removed, they cannot return, grow back, or be replaced by new fat cells. However, if you do happen to gain weight after your liposuction procedure, you may find that the remaining fat cells in your neck have expanded due to weight gain.

To keep this from happening, there are some steps that you must take to ensure that you maintain permanent results over time. Making good lifestyle choices and using discipline in your eating and exercise habits are effective ways to ensure that you maintain a healthy body weight and avoid gaining weight.

What Causes Neck Fat?

Most people who suffer from excess neck fat are simply genetically predisposed to gain fat in this area. Hereditary fat is even more difficult to treat on your own, but that doesn’t mean that you’re destined to live with it forever.

Ways to Ensure Long-Lasting Results

Diet, lifestyle choices, and exercise are severely underrated when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding the expansion of your fat cells after neck liposuction. Everyone wants a quick fix, but in reality, avoiding weight gain and maintaining a healthy body composition is a battle you must fight daily.

Every choice you make will work for or against your ultimate goals. Most patients who undergo neck liposuction are so thrilled with the results that choosing to eat healthily and exercise consistently comes easily because they don’t want to risk sabotaging their results. When you focus on your diet, exercise consistently, and make the right lifestyle choices, you will be set up for success.

Focus on Your Diet

Diet is one of the most difficult things to keep under control. It’s easy to make the wrong choices because some food is just too good to resist. However, when you use discipline and focus on healthy foods to avoid expanding those fat cells in your neck, you can ensure permanent results.

You don’t have to eat a highly restrictive diet or severely limit your caloric intake to maintain your neck liposuction results. All you have to do is make some good choices regarding food, how much you eat, what you eat, and when you eat. The rest will fall into place, and you’ll enjoy your results permanently.

Eat Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is one of the worst mistakes you can make regarding maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding weight gain. Skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain because doing so can cause you to eat more calories at lunchtime, dinner time, and before bed. When you make sure that you eat breakfast in the morning, even if you don’t necessarily feel hungry, you will support your metabolism and set yourself up for success.

If nothing sounds good, eat something light like a green smoothie or a breakfast bar to ensure that you can rev up your metabolism and get on a good track for the rest of the day.

Focus on Fats

Eating fats may feel counterintuitive to fat loss, but a diet full of healthy fats will help maintain satiety for longer. When you combine healthy fats with lean proteins and a low carbohydrate diet, you can ensure that your body will use fat for energy instead of converting excess carbohydrates to sugar and eventually excess body fat.

Healthy fats include avocados, nuts and seeds, olive oil and other healthy oils, and fatty fish. A diet rich in healthy fats and lean proteins will help keep you satiated for longer and help you maintain the most consistent blood sugar throughout the day.

Get Enough Calories

Restricting your calories can work against your fat loss and weight maintenance goals. When you eat too few calories for your body composition and activity level, your body will shift into starvation mode, which is the opposite of what you want. In starvation mode, your body will hold on to excess body fat because it will not be getting the nutrients that it needs on a daily basis.

Use an online calculator to determine how many calories you need daily based on your activity levels and your current weight so that you can ensure you are eating just enough to maintain your healthiest way.

Eat an Early Dinner

Late-night eating can sabotage your weight loss or weight maintenance goals. Try to eat dinner between 5 and 6 PM, and no later than 7 PM, if possible. Late-night eating can interfere with fat loss because it makes your body perform digestive processes at a time when it should be taking a rest from digestion in preparation for a good night’s sleep.

Avoiding eating after 7 PM can help you maintain a healthy weight, wake up leaner and tighter, and help avoid those fat cells from expanding in your neck. Eating a late-night meal every once in a while won’t sabotage your goals, but if you’re in the habit of eating late, making an effort to eat earlier can make all the difference in helping you maintain your results post-liposuction.


Hydration is another important factor in helping you maintain your results. Staying hydrated can keep you from overeating or eating when you think you feel hungry when in reality, you just need to drink more water.

Hydration is important for flushing toxins out of the system, helping your body run smoothly, and helping you maintain a healthy weight and ideal body composition. Swapping water for sodas and drinking it in conjunction with alcoholic beverages can help you stay hydrated throughout the day, even after happy hour.

Optimize Your Workouts

There is a way to structure your workouts to optimize fat burning and build lean muscle. All workouts are not created equally. Certain workouts will help you reach different goals. Learning the right way to work out and optimizing your workouts accordingly can help you maintain a healthy weight and burn fat over time. Doing so will help you reach all of your goals and maintain your neck liposuction results.

Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Workouts

Building lean muscle mass is an important way to reduce fat, maintain your liposuction results, and transform your body composition. You should lift weights heavy enough to challenge you. You should also perform the right number of repetitions to help you burn out each muscle group.

If you’re unfamiliar with the weights section of the gym, hiring a personal trainer for at least a few sessions to help you understand how to incorporate strength training into your routine can help you optimize your workouts in such a way that lean muscle mass and fat burning become your primary objectives.

Limit Cardio

The term “cardio queen” exists for a reason. Those who want to lose weight often spend hours on cardio equipment intending to burn a significant number of calories in one workout. However, excessive cardio will not change your body composition and will not necessarily burn fat. It will help you lose weight and become a smaller version of yourself, with the same body composition.

The best cardiovascular workouts to promote fat loss and lean muscle mass are not the workouts that last for 45 minutes to an hour. They are cardio workouts that incorporate high-intensity interval training and will only take 20 minutes to complete. Incorporating three days of HIIT into your workout schedule will help you burn fat, maintain lean muscle mass, and promote a faster metabolism.


Another way to help maintain your liposuction results is to get up and move. Daily movement, in addition to regular workouts, can help you maintain a healthy weight and stay fit. If you work a desk job, make an effort to get up and move around during the day so that you are not sitting for a full eight hours.

Find Fat-Burning Opportunities

Fat-burning opportunities are all around you; you just have to see them and take advantage of them. Adding extra steps into your day will go a long way in helping you maintain your results and a healthy weight. Instead of looking for the parking space closest to the door, choose the farthest spot in the lot so that you can get those extra steps in. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs.

Walk your dog more than once a day, and if you live near your favorite restaurant or shopping center, leave your car at home and walk instead. All of that extra walking will add up over time and help you lose those extra few pounds or maintain your healthy weight and your results.

Schedule a Sauna Session

Another way to help maintain your liposuction results is to sweat it out in the sauna at least a few times a week. The best saunas for fat loss and weight loss, in general, are infrared saunas. Studies have shown that those who spent time in an infrared sauna lost water-soluble fat and other toxins compared to those who simply sweat in normal heat.

Scheduling sauna sessions or even purchasing an infrared sauna for home use will make a big difference in helping you maintain your results and experience all of the health benefits and weight and fat loss benefits that come along with infrared heat.

Am I a Candidate for Liposuction?

If weight gain or genetics have led to excess amounts of fatty tissue in your neck, you are most likely a candidate for neck liposuction. During your initial consultation with our surgeon, we will review your health history, analyze your neck and chin region, and evaluate the fat cells in the area to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Then we can move forward and schedule your procedure so that you can be free of those fat cells for good.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Neck and chin fat are some of the most frustrating forms of stubborn fat because they are literally impossible to treat. However, neck liposuction can defy genetics and remove your stubborn fat for good. Contact us today at Ideal Face and Body in Beverly Hills, CA, to learn more about this procedure, what kind of results you can expect, and set up your initial consultation.

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