I am considering an abdominoplasty – previous scarring

Q: “I do have a cesarean scar from child birth. This scar was also used when I had cancer surgery. Will another surgery affect this area? Right now it appears the area about the excess skin and above my belly button has a bulge, is that because of the excess fat? I work out daily for 90 mins at the gym and then walk another 3-5 miles most days. I am short and over weight I would say about 25 lbs. What is your recommendation?…

Gymlady333, Placentia, CA​

Dr. Yovino’s Answer: You’ll likely benefit from a tummy tuck but I’ll need to see some photos. The c-section / cancer surgery scar is almost always removed with the procedure. The abdomen is flattened from your breast bone to the pubic bone.

Justin Yovino, MD, FACS

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills, CA

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