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Look Refreshed Again with a Brow Lift in Beverly Hills

To say that we are judged by our appearance is the understatement of a lifetime. The human brain has been designed to identify people by and make decisions about people by the way they look. In fact, your appearance can affect the way you feel about yourself. Your eyes and your forehead are key parts of the way you show emotion. If your brow sags or if your brow is heavy, it can make you look like you’re upset or tired. Of course, just because your brow is giving off that impression does not mean that it’s true. A brow lift in Beverly Hills can help to improve the impression that your face is giving others.

Some people call a brow lift a forehead lift. The purpose of the surgery is to rejuvenate the appearance of your face from the eyes up. The goal is to make your face look vibrant in a natural way. Key aspects of a typical brow lift are the removal of excess skin and the repositioning of underlying muscles. If you have a heavy brow, a sagging brow, or a brow that has deep furrows, a brow lift can give your face a smoother contour.

There are multiple reasons why you may be battling with a heavier brow. For some people, it is just a matter of genetics. Nature has decided that their face is going to have a permanent scowl, even when they feel their best. A brow lift can give your face that extra boost nature did not provide. It can make your face look refreshed.

A brow lift could cause other people in Beverly Hills to see you in a more approachable light. They will no longer mistakenly think that you are grumpy, worried, or that you want to be left alone. Your eyes are going to look brighter. It’s going to look like you are more alert and you are paying attention.

The results you get from brow lift surgery have a lot to do with the cosmetic surgeon who is performing the procedure. Our talented surgeon at Ideal Face & Body is able to adjust the techniques used during your brow lift surgery to match your wants and needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation at our office in Beverly Hills!

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