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Maximize Surgery Outcomes with Good Health and Nutrition

Ashleigh Ignelzi Certified Nutritionist

Justin Yovino M.D., F.A.C.S.


Beverly Hills, Calif.


Be Healthy For Your Surgery

We want our patients to be the healthiest version of themselves when they come in to see us for any procedure.  This is especially true for advanced awake lipo PRECISION SCULPT®.  Patients commonly ask if they should gain weight prior to their procedure, and the answer is no!  We never encourage weight gain.  It’s all about being healthy, and that includes maintaining a healthy weight.


Initiate Good Habits Before Surgery

Prior to your procedure we want your immune system to be strong.  Consuming citrus in the morning, drinking lemon water, and eating oranges and grapefruit can give your immune system a healthy boost of vitamin C, which your body needs to stay healthy.  Furthermore, incorporating bright, vibrant fruit, like mango, kiwi, and apples will have you covered for a variety of essential nutrients (hint: think colors–all sorts of colors for a good variety of vitamins and minerals).  These fruits have anti-inflammatory properties and will help your body bounce back after your procedure.  Intentional, positive eating and nutritional habits is one of the best ways to protect your surgical investment.  For patients undergoing PRECISION SCULPT® lipo 360, a proper diet will help keep you snatched! 


Take Care of Your Body After Surgery

Before your surgery,  make sure you have stocked up on high fiber foods.  We always encourage patients to grocery shop before their procedure because the first few days of recovery really require rest and focus.   Keep a lot of leafy greens around for smoothies and salads.  Beans and legumes are also good to have for additional fiber.  A lot of people can get backed up from the post-operative medication, so fiber is key for resuming regular bowel habits.  It’s great to consume smoothies, salads, and soups, but make sure to keep sodium to a minimum. Sodium (and salt) can lead to unnecessary swelling or bloating, the last thing you want when you are trying to heal and recover.  Show some love to your gut and consider miso soups, kimchi, and even yogurt.  These items will keep your gut balanced while you are taking your antibiotic medication.  Adequate hydration is essential to your recovery as well, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water daily.  


Maintain Long-Term Health After Surgery

Some foods to consider keeping around before and after your procedure are pineapple and ginger, both of which have many healing properties.  Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain.  This enzyme will help your body prepare for surgery because of its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.  Remember that controlling inflammation helps decrease swelling and bruising.  Just like pineapple, ginger is a great antidote for inflammation, but it also has some additional benefits.  Ginger is great for nausea and an upset stomach.  You can eat it raw, make tea, enjoy in Ginger Ale and add it to dishes or sauces.  Ginger has an appealing flavor and will help calm an unsettled stomach.


Putting it All Together…

The overall goal for your nutrition, pre- and post surgery, is to keep it CLEAN and minimally artificial and processed!  Foods that are not overly processed and are free of additives, dyes and preservatives are optimal.  Excellent nutrition will help your body not only recover, but it’s a great way to reset your system and maintain good health and get the most out of your beautiful aesthetic surgery journey. 


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