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What is the Right Age for a Facelift in Beverly Hills?

When you think of getting a facelift in Beverly Hills, you may think of only people in their 60s and older undergoing the process, but you could be a suitable candidate at a younger age. This procedure is offered by Ideal Face & Body and removes excess fat, deep folds, wrinkles, and sagging skin from your face to restore a youthful appearance. More and more younger people are getting the procedure, and for good reason.

How Young is Considered Too Young?

Most cosmetic surgeons claim there is no perfect age for a facelift in Beverly Hills because they feel everyone ages differently. A 35-year-old can have the same wrinkles and sagging as someone much older, or an older person may not show many signs of aging.

While 40 used to be the normal age to get a facelift, doctors are performing on clients who are younger and older than this. Typical clients are those who still have some skin elasticity, but people who are quite older can still have success with the procedure, too.

Reasons to Get an Early Facelift

Genetics plays a huge role in encouraging people to get an early facelift in Beverly Hills. Certain skin tones and ethnicities tend to experience more sun damage, while other skin types age less rapidly because the skin stays more hydrated. Younger patients commonly have an easier recovery than older patients, and they may have more anti-aging options if they are proactive; however, it all depends on the unique situation.

When to Consider a Facelift

The decision of when to get facial cosmetic surgery is reliant on several factors. If you notice the common signs of aging, such as wrinkles and other issues, it may be time to consider the treatment. Other reasons to get a facelift include sagging jowls, muscle banding, a sagging neck, or loss of elasticity in the skin.

A facelift at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills can refresh your appearance and erase many of the signs of aging. Contact us today to book an appointment and find out whether or not the procedure is right for you.

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