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Surgery for a Buffalo Hump – Is It Right for Me?

While ‘buffalo hump‘ may not be the most endearing term, it’s, unfortunately, one that’s pretty accurate. A buffalo hump is a fairly common physical disorder. Fortunately, surgery is available to removal it.

What is a Buffalo Hump?

A buffalo hump (cervicodorsal lipodystrophy) is a physical disorder in which the body’s adipose tissue is in an abnormal or degenerative condition. It is found on the upper back in the area between the shoulder blades below the base of the neck. There are several causes of this condition:

Poor Posture

Most commonly, a buffalo hump is caused by bad posture. ‘Forward Head Posture’ – which is also known as ‘Chicken Head Posture’ – often goes hand-in-hand with a buffalo hump. Slouching at the desk or computer is one habit that can cause the body to form a fat pad at the base of the neck. This is the body’s self-defense to protect the spine.


Major or rapid weight gain can be a cause of the condition.

Genetic Predisposition

The condition can come naturally for no other reason than genetics.

Past Injury

Injuries like car accidents (even minor ones) can cause damage to the neck. When this happens, it is not uncommon for the body to develop fatty tissue around the injury to protect the affected area.

The Side Effect of Certain Medications

Certain medications, like Prednisone, can increase the body’s cortisol production, which, in time, can lead to a buffalo hump.

Why Should I Get Surgery?

A buffalo hump is not going to go away on its own. And it can be a cause of great insecurity in people. Surgery for your buffalo hump can leave you with increased self-confidence and improve your posture. A buffalo hump can also cause a significant amount of discomfort and pain. It can also inhibit motion. Surgery can help to address these issues.

Learn More at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills

As you can see, there are a great many advantages to undergoing surgery for a buffalo hump. If it is a cause of worry or insecurity for you or is causing unnecessary pain or hindrance, it doesn’t have to. Get in touch with the professionals at Ideal Face & Body so that you can come in for a consultation and get all the facts about the procedure. Buffalo hump removal is more common than you may think, and it could be just what you’ve been looking for to achieve your goals. Contact us today to book your appointment at our office in Beverly Hills!

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