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Understanding Fat Transfer in Beverly Hills

Everybody has fat cells, but most of the time, their location does not provide the beautiful contours and curves we desire. That’s why most people wish to transfer some of their fat cells. If that’s your desire, a fat transfer in Beverly Hills could make your dreams for your body come true.

What is a Fat Transfer?

Fat grafting or a fat transfer in Beverly Hills is a popular cosmetic treatment thanks to the beautiful, natural results it offers. Most people who are dissatisfied with their body contours or volume of their abdomen, breasts, buttocks, face, and hips can transfer extra fat to these areas to improve their appearance.

How It Works

A fat transfer is a multi-step treatment. The first step involves the application of anesthesia, and excess fat is then drawn using a highly-specialized process. The extracted fat is then purified before being prepared for injection. The plastic surgeon then deposits the fat into the natural tissues in the targeted areas and contours the area.

When to Consider a Fat Transfer in Beverly Hills

Most patients qualify for a fat transfer. However, you must be in good health and have realistic expectations. Also, you should have no bleeding conditions or circulatory problems. Since a fat transfer can be done on several areas of the body, you may opt to have any of the following:

• Breast augmentation – ideal for patients with good skin tone looking for a modest increase in the size of their breasts. It’s also suitable for filling in contour irregularities and replacing lost volume due to aging or pregnancy.

• Butt augmentation – suitable for patients with excess fat in certain areas who want fuller and rounder buttocks without using implants.

• Facial fat grafting – ideal for thin, aging faces, nasolabial lines, and other signs of facial aging. It can restore lost volume around sunken cheeks and eyes.

• Hand rejuvenation – enhances skin quality, improves wrinkled areas and covers visible veins and vessels.

Benefits of a Fat Transfer

• The results last longer than fillers
• It uses your own fat, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions
• It provides very natural-looking results

A fat transfer in Beverly Hills is a reliable treatment that makes use of unwanted fat in the body. Of course, it’s important to only use an experienced and qualified surgeon. If you’re wondering how to remove excess fat and use it to improve your appearance, consult the team at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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