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Venus Legacy Can Return Your Body to Its Former Glory!

Are you ready to have the body you have always dreamed of? With Venus Legacy™, you will enjoy skin tightening and love the way that your body looks! People are raving about this non-invasive treatment that is available at Ideal Face & Body. Venus Legacy™ provides a number of additional benefits as well as skin tightening, such as improved circulation, slimming of your thighs and midsection, and diminished cellulite. If you are interested in a treatment that offers a lot more than just body contouring, it’s time to take a look at Venus Legacy™!

How Does Venus Legacy™ Work?

Where many body contouring systems utilize one type of radio frequency, Venus Legacy™ uses two. Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields comprise the MP2 equipment that offers a lot simpler body contouring. This treatment also allows our technician to lift the treated area to enable the radio waves to penetrate deeper below the skin’s surface. This deeper penetration provides more effective results in cellulite treatment and will also increase your circulation, which further helps to lessen the appearance of cellulite.

How Many Treatment Sessions are Needed?

Each area is treated independently to best target the radio frequency. The typical course of treatment is multiple treatment sessions for each area that is being addressed. Of course, your results may vary due to the size of the treatment area and the results that you want to see. And the exact treatment plan will depend on the unique situation.

If diet and exercise aren’t getting you the results you desire, it’s time to try Venus Legacy™ and rediscover the firm, taut, and youthful body that you used to have! Skin tightening and body contouring have never been easier!

Talk to the team at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills, CA to learn more information. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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