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Discover Skin Tightening in Beverly Hills

Dealing with the lax skin on your face and in other areas is something that can cause a person to feel unsatisfied with their appearance. When they look in the mirror, all they see is saggy skin and an old face. If you would like to do something about this problem, we invite you to discover skin tightening in Beverly Hills.

There are a variety of skin tightening treatments that are available. One of the most popular is radiofrequency skin tightening. This is a treatment that can be used to help individuals who have lax skin on their face and in other areas. It is good for individuals who have mild to moderate skin laxity issues. The majority of our clients who request this type of treatment and who are best suited for it are overall healthy adults with realistic expectations. The great thing is that individuals who have all skin tones can receive the benefits of skin tightening with this form of treatment.

While you definitely want to have tighter skin on your face, you want your face to match the rest of your body. Skin tightening treatments can be done not only on the face, but also the neck, upper arms, thighs, and abdomen. So not only will your face receive this amazing rejuvenation treatment, but it can be used in other places to give you total rejuvenation.

The idea behind this type of treatment is that the deeper layers of the skin are going to be heated. This is going to cause collagen fibers to contract. This means that your skin is going to immediately be tighter and smoother. The great thing is that this treatment is going to continue to benefit your skin because the heat stimulates collagen production. So in the months that follow your treatment, you are going to see that your skin continues to improve.

You may be wondering what happens when you visit our Beverly Hills office for a skin tightening treatment. The very first step involves your consultation. One of our specialists is going to assess the condition of your skin in order to make sure the treatment is right for you.

Make an appointment at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills to get started. Contact our office today to book a consultation for skin tightening!

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