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Reasons to Get a Breast Reduction in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills and cosmetic surgery go hand-in-hand. When most people think about famous individuals having plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, they think about them having a facelift, a nose job, a procedure to make them look younger, a procedure to enhance their lips, and most commonly breast augmentation procedures. You may be surprised to know that many in Beverly Hills are visiting our cosmetic surgeon in order to get a breast reduction. The following are some reasons to get a breast reduction in Beverly Hills.

One reason why many Beverly Hills residents opt for breast reduction procedures is because they have pain in their back or in their neck. Women with larger breasts suffer more upper back and shoulder pain than others do. This is due to the extra weight that they are carrying on their chest. When you carry extra weight on your chest, your back has to work harder in order to keep you standing upright.

When a person is relatively young and relatively fit, the strain on their back is not noticeable. However, the effect is cumulative. As the years progress, some women with a larger chest start to experience back pain that makes it difficult for them to sit or even stand still. As time goes on, the severity of the pain is amplified. Breast reduction surgery will minimize the amount of weight you carry in your chest. This, in turn, alleviates some back strain and can make some forms of shoulder and back pain go away.

Another reason why many in Beverly Hills are looking for breast reduction procedures is that they are finding it difficult to stay as active as they would like. Having very large breasts not only affects your posture, but it also can affect your balance and make it difficult for you to lift more, especially if you’re going through more intensive exercise routines. A sport that is relatively tranquil like swimming can become harder for women with larger breasts because the extra weight adds more resistance to their body, making it difficult for them to swim.

Some are looking for breast reduction procedures to make their body look and feel more proportional. Everyone wants their features to be in proportion to the frame of their body. This definitely does not mean that having larger breasts on a smaller frame is unattractive or that it is wrong. However, some women do feel that having a smaller frame and large breasts means that they receive a lot of unwanted or negative attention. It can make them feel physically and emotionally off balance.

As you can see, there are many valid reasons to get a rest reduction in Beverly Hills. It can improve the way you look, improve your self-confidence, and allow you to be more active. We warmly invite you to schedule a consultation at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills to learn more. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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