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How Long Should I Wear a Chin Liposuction Compression Garment?

Is that stubborn fat in your neck finally getting to you? Have you tried everything, and you still have a double chin? It may be time to try the minimally invasive chin liposuction. We at Ideal Face and Body in Beverly Hills, CA are here to answer your questions about this treatment option.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a way for you to permanently remove excess fat and look leaner. The treatment is minimally invasive and helps you reveal your true shape. This is a short treatment with a speedy recovery time. You will probably spend minimal time at the doctor’s office when you have liposuction performed.

What Is Chin Liposuction?

The chin is often an overlooked area, yet it is a crucial aspect of maintaining a youthful appearance. As you age, the skin below your chin may start to sag. You may also notice that excess fat settles in your chin and makes it look plump. This is a natural part of aging and can also be attributed to genetics. Even those who maintain a healthy weight can have fat build up in their chin as they age. To remedy this, liposuction can remove excess fat under the chin and exposes your natural jawline.

Chin liposuction is a way for you to permanently remove the excess fat from your chin and neck. This will leave you with a more prominent jawline and make you look younger. Having this treatment done can leave you feeling satisfied and more confident. This treatment is common, and you will probably have a choice between local anesthesia and laughing gas, and recovery times are short.

How It Works

Chin liposuction takes about an hour. On the day of your treatment, you will be taken to a comfortable room for your treatment. Before treatment photos will likely be taken, you will be marked, and the desired outcome of your treatment will be reviewed.

You will first be given local anesthesia and possibly laughing gas. Once you are ready for the treatment, you will have a series of small slits cut along your chin. Laser lipolysis is then applied to melt the fat and encourage the skin to tighten. A thin tube is inserted into these slits and is used to suction away melted fat deposits.

Additional Treatments You Might Require

If you need additional skin tightening, subdermal radiofrequency may be required to get the results you desire. This is the delivery of energy and cold helium radiofrequency to the tissue under the skin. This can help your skin tighten and will increase the chances of you achieving your desired results. You may also consider transferring excess fat into another part of your body that needs some lifting.

What Should You Expect After This Treatment?

This is typically a treatment which does not interfere with your life too much. Your doctor will not likely restrict your activities, although you may not want to do a lot immediately after your treatment. You can begin resuming your regular activities within two to three days after the treatment. You may be prescribed medications and encouraged to take over-the-counter pain relievers after your treatment. Your doctor may ask that you only perform mild exercises for one to two weeks after your treatment. Heavy exercise and other strenuous activities should be avoided for roughly two weeks after receiving liposuction.

After about two days, you will start to notice changes to your face. However, it will take roughly two weeks before your skin really tightens and shrinks. The skin will continue to shape around your jawline for up to three months. It can be up to six months before the healing process is complete. This treatment leaves you practically scar free and will barely be noticeable.

Post Treatment Chin Liposuction Compression Garment

After your treatment, you will be asked to wear a compression garment. This is a soft, comfortable garment that keeps pressure on your chin after liposuction. They are made from strong, synthetic materials that stretch around your body after liposuction. Medical chin liposuction compression garment comes in a variety of sizes and styles so they can fit on any part of your body. If you have just received liposuction on your chin, you will be required to wear a chin strap style garment. This style wraps around the back of your head and under your chin.

A compression garment is used after liposuction, although it may be worn after other cosmetic treatments. Making sure that you wear your garment properly is a key part of your liposuction treatment. The amount of pressure applied will be designed to promote healing, not encourage shaping like a shape-wear garment.

Why Are Compression Garments Worn After Liposuction?

Compression garments are worn after liposuction for a variety of reasons. For instance, they reduce the amount of swelling and bruising you have. This is because compression garments encourage your body to heal and can make your recovery more comfortable. If you do not wear your garment, you may find that your recovery time takes longer.

You will also experience a shorter recovery time if you wear your chin liposuction compression garment. This is because wearing your garment will increase blood flow and encourage healthy tissue to grow. As this happens, your body will produce fluids. A compression garment will flush out any fluids which try to build up in your chin after your treatment. Plus, it reduces the amount of blood which reaches the skin’s surface.

Cosmetic Benefits

A compression garment can also help shape your final results and give you the look you want. The support offered by your compression garment will help your body adapt to its new shape and help prevent your skin from wrinkling or sagging. This means that your skin will be tighter and smoother if you wear your compression garment properly after your treatment.

On top of this, your compression garment will ensure that you are not left with scars from your liposuction treatment. Although you will probably not have any noticeable scars, the compression garment offers you peace of mind. This is because the pressure of the garment helps soften and flatten the already minute scars.

Your Compression Garment

It is important that you pick out the right compression garment after your treatment. There are many styles and sizes you can choose from. You can customize your garment by choosing your favorite color, length, style, and size. You should consult your surgeon and a size chart before purchasing your compression garment.

Choosing Your Compression Garment

Pick one that feels comfortable, offers compression, and does not pinch you anywhere. Typically, ones made from Spandex elastic are less likely to rub or pinch you. Make sure that your garment offers support and stabilizes you so you can recover with ease. Picking one out that is comfortable will encourage you to wear your compression garment properly after treatment. The chin liposuction compression garment you choose should cover the entire area where you had your liposuction treatment performed.

Ensure that you pick a medical grade compression garment. These are designed to help your body heal itself and give you the results you desire. A medical grade garment will have a three-dimensional stretch so it can properly direct your body as it heals. High-quality medical grade garments can also be made with anti-microbial fabric so that your skin does not become irritated.

Wearing Your Chin Liposuction Compression Garment

Make sure you wear your compression garment as your surgeon recommends in order to achieve the sleeker look you desire. The compression garment you wear should fit snugly but not be bulky or restrictive. Make sure that you can breathe easily and move freely in your garment. A few days after your treatment you may be required to find a smaller garment as your chin area shrinks.

As you wear your compression garment, be sure to keep it clean. This will help you have a pleasant experience after your liposuction treatment. Read the cleaning instructions which come with your garment. You may be able to machine wash some or you may have to wash them in the sink with a gentle soap and water.

How Long Should You Wear Your Compression Garment?

After liposuction, you will immediately put on your compression garment. Understanding how long you should wear your chin liposuction compression garment will help you maximize the results after surgery. You will be required to wear your compression garment nonstop for the first two or three days after receiving liposuction. During this time, only remove your compression garment when you are bathing and washing the garment.

After that, your surgeon will start to decrease the amount of compression required and the time you are required to wear the garment. After several days, you will only have to wear your compression garment at night for a few more days and decrease the amount of compression. Your surgeon will instruct you on when you can stop wearing your compression garment altogether.

Expected Results

You will start to see the results of your treatment shortly after it is performed. You will notice that your skin gradually tightens around your jawline and that the excess fat is no longer there. This will provide you with a more youthful appearance and prominent jawline. However, it is still important that you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle so you do not grow new fat.

What Does This Treatment Cost?

The cost of a chin liposuction compression garment can vary depending on how much fat you need removed and what type of anesthesia you use. Medical insurance companies rarely cover liposuction treatments. You can pay for your treatment in cash or use a financing plan supported by your plastic surgeon.

Are You a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

You might be a good candidate for liposuction if you are looking to remove unwanted fat from your chin. This treatment will provide a more permanent solution for your excess fat. If you have tried non-invasive treatment options and have not received results, chin liposuction might be perfect for you. A consultation is generally required to fully determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction.

This treatment is recommended for women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding at the time of liposuction. It is also recommended that you do not have a condition which can impair your body’s ability to heal itself after treatment. Liposuction can be a great option for both men and women. You should be in good health if you are considering liposuction.


If the excess fat on your chin is driving you crazy, chin liposuction may be just what you are looking for. This is a short treatment that will have you back at work quickly. Contact Ideal Face and Body in Beverly Hills, CA today if you are ready to start the process for this treatment.

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