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Struggling with Back Pain? A Breast Reduction in Beverly Hills Might Be Right for You

Some women in Beverly Hills develop extremely large breasts, perhaps due to inherited factors. In addition to cosmetic issues, such large breasts can cause physical issues. The struggle to carry the excess weight on the chest can cause back and neck pain, and over-loaded bra straps can cause deep grooves to develop on the shoulders. Women with excessively large breasts have difficulty exercising and finding clothing that fits. They often suffer from self-esteem issues and a diminished quality of life. This is where breast reduction procedures come into play.

What is a Breast Reduction?

More properly called reduction mammaplasty, a breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue and skin from the breasts in order to generate a cosmetically pleasing breast that is in proportion to the woman’s body. Of course, the details of each procedure vary based on multiple factors.

Who Should Consider Breast Reduction Surgery?

Any woman suffering from physical symptoms related to large breasts should consider surgery. Symptoms include chronic neck and back pain, deep grooves in the shoulders from bra straps, rashes under the breasts, difficulty finding bras and clothing that fit, and difficulty in performing physical activity due to discomfort. Even if a woman isn’t overtly experiencing physical symptoms, if she feels her large breasts are causing self-esteem and quality of life issues, breast reduction surgery is an option.

Women of any age, including teenagers, can safely undergo this procedure; however, many experts suggest teenagers wait until they finish growing before making a final decision because the breasts may change dramatically in shape and size. Breast reduction surgery has the same risks of any surgical procedure. Our surgeon will make sure to go over these with you during your initial consultation in Beverly Hills.

What is the Procedure and Recovery Like?

The exact surgical procedure chosen by the surgeon will depend on the size of the breasts and other factors. Most patients can go home the same day as the procedure. Full recovery takes multiple weeks. Patients need to limit their physical activity during this period and follow our team’s instructions regarding healing. Most of our patients in Beverly Hills report being extremely satisfied with the results.

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