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Target Unwanted Lines And Wrinkles with BOTOX in Beverly Hills

Fine lines and wrinkles that form near the eyes, mouth, and on the forehead when the skin is pulled or relaxed can really detract from your appearance. These dynamic wrinkles appear because the skin is thinning, is no longer retaining an adequate amount of moisture, and contains less collagen than it did when you were younger. BOTOX in Beverly Hills is a proven means to relax the muscles that control facial expressions and create more smooth and youthful skin.

The Secret to BOTOX

This injectable fluid blocks nerve signals that order the upper-level facial muscles to contract. These contractions are what allow us to squint our eyes, purse our lips, and pull the skin down on our forehead. When these muscles contract, dynamic wrinkles become visible, but BOTOX prevents this from happening. The fluid is injected directly into the upper-level facial muscles. Properly administered by a professional, BOTOX treatment can yield satisfying results that last for multiple months.

Consultation and Treatment

We want to consult with the client so that we can see for ourselves the severity of dynamic wrinkling. We can then inject the BOTOX fluid beneath the skin and into the proper muscles. Using the correct dosage and choosing the proper injection sites, we can relax the muscles without creating an unnatural appearance.

Advantages Over Other Treatments

Many of our Beverly Hills clients are not ready for any sort of surgical treatment such as a facelift. BOTOX is suitable for all skin types because the skin itself isn’t being treated directly.

Your facial features are the first thing others notice about you, so make a great first impression by smoothing away those annoying smile lines and crow’s feet. Contact us today at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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