What is a tummy tuck with no muscle repair?


Q: “I had gastric bypass 3 years ago and am now ready for the final stage in my transformation. I will be doing a Breast Lift with Augmentation and also a Tummy Tuck. I read another woman’s profile who had Weight Loss Surgery and she had a tummy tuck without muscle repair, I haven’t had kids or anything, it really just the loose skin that needs taken care of – would I be considered for that type of TT? Thank you!”


Calabasas, CA

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Dr. Yovino’s Answer: A lot of times the muscle and the overlying connective tissue layer is stretched out either from pregnancy or weight gain. These layers may also be looser than one wants just based on genetics. So, I find it’s usually always best to tighten these layers when performing a tummy tuck with no muscle repair. The muscle tightening is associated with some post operative discomfort but it’s worth it. It the muscle isn’t tightened then you may not be as flat or snatched in as much as you’d like. Hope this helps.

-Justin Yovino, MD FACS

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, CA

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