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PRECISION SCULPT® Arms is our safe and effective specialized awake liposuction procedure to naturally sculpt, slim down, and shape up the entire arm from the the shoulder to the elbow.

We understand that having larger arms due to stubborn fat can be very bothersome. You may even feel self conscious about it. You may complain that your arms are too big due to fatty areas and do not fit with the rest of your body. The arms appear too wide from the front and/or the side profile. You may look and feel top heavy with broad shoulders. You exercise and lose weight but the arms do not change. You want to tone the arms but you are afraid that the arms will just look bigger. You want to wear short sleeve shirts, sleeveless shirts, halter tops, or tank tops with confidence. You may just want your sleeves to not fit so tight. You desire thin, slim, maybe even skinny arms, and would also like for them to have a more flattering shape. It is not unusual to even have some celebrity arms in mind when thinking about the ideal arm anatomy.

We can help!

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Sculpting of the arms utilizing liposuction techniques is a highly specialized procedure to remove excess fatty deposits. It is a common procedure that we perform very frequently. In fact, we have sculpted thousands of arms over the last decade. This procedure is always performed with the patient awake and relaxed. No general anesthesia is ever needed. Relaxation medication is given by mouth and the arms are fully numbed with local anesthesia using a tumescent technique. Tiny hidden strategic incisions are placed in the elbow and armpit. To fully address the arms many positions are utilized throughout the procedure. The arms are addressed with an assortment of air driven powered microcannulas in an almost 360 degree manner. Fat is removed layer by layer in a very even and smooth fashion. No skin is removed so there is no unsightly long scars as seen with a brachioplasty procedure. Laser and radiofrequency are commonly added to promote tightening in patients who display decreased skin elasticity and flabby or floppy arms. The procedure takes about two hours to complete. A custom compression garment is placed immediately after the procedure. You will recovery at home and take your first shower within 48 hours. Improvements in your arms can be appreciated as early as the first week. Bruising is usually minimal. The arms will continue to shrink over the next few months.  The recovery is typically quick and most patients return to work in a few days. The compression garment is worn for a minimum of two weeks. Follow up appointments with the doctor take place at one week, one month, and three months. Follow-up photos are taken during the three month visit. The photos are compared to the preoperative photos in a side by side fashion and shown to you during the full post operative evaluation.

Successful cosmetic liposculpting of the arms requires artistic vision, patience, and significant surgical experience. We know from our vast experience that arm patients want more than just the back of the arm sculpted. They want attractive arms all the way around. They want improvements in the side of the arm, the shoulder part of the arm, and the inner upper part of the arm. Patients essentially want the upper arm addressed in its entirety and we feel the same way.

If you are considering PRECISION SCULPT ® Arms awake liposculpting with our top skilled board certified plastic surgeons then call us today at 310-887-9999 or send an inquiry throughout our website and we will contact you.

What is arm liposculpture?

Liposculpture is an advanced procedure that involves the removal of unwanted fat to achieve a healthier-looking, slimmer contour.

What can I expect from arm liposculpture using PRECISION SCULPT ® ?

Small incisions are made in the arms where small micro cannulas are inserted. Attached to a special air-powered suction system, the cannula works to remove subcutaneous adipose tissue. Following your procedure, a custom compression garment is worn to squeeze and shape the newly thinned tissue as well as to protect the treated area.

Am I a good candidate for arm liposculpture?

The journey to slimmer arms starts with a consultation. One of our board certified plastic surgeons will review your medical history, listen to your desires, examine your arms, and discuss the plan in detail. Once you decide to proceed you will then schedule a surgery date.

Don’t let stubborn fat keep you from looking and feeling your best. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to find out if arm liposculpture may be right for you!

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