Buffalo Hump Removal

buffalo hump reduction

The buffalo hump or dorsocervical fat pad can have a negative affect on your appearance and self-confidence. I can also cause pain, discomfort, and restricted movement. Although less common, the hump can be associated with a variety of medications and diseases. We are well aware that even the smallest of humps can be unsightly, inconvenient, and even painful.

If you are troubled by a dorsocervical fat pad lipodystrophy buffalo hump, we can drastically improve the appearance and symptoms almost instantaneously with PRECISION SCULPT® awake laser liposuction. This exclusive liposculpting treatment was invented by Justin Yovino MD and is only offered at Ideal Face and Body by our experienced board certified Plastic Surgeons. The dense fatty tissue of the hump is softened with a laser and then completely removed under local anesthesia with safe light oral sedation. With a carefully crafted, thorough yet gentle numbing technique, there is no need to go under general anesthesia. Utilizing one small incision and tailored air driven powered micro cannulas, the Buffalo Hump can be easily removed in less than an hour. Utilizing our advanced, minimally invasive approach, recovery time is significantly reduced; in fact, there is practically no downtime. Most patients are able to resume normal activities and return to work within a day or two of the procedure with very little bruising or swelling. It is not unusual for patients to wear their hair up and show off their results within the first week.

To improve the operative experience and outcome, we utilize a specialized positioning pillow that is used during the procedure to maximize exposure of the hump and patient comfort. While the patient rests comfortably on their stomach, the pillow elevates the head, neck, and shoulders, and the neck is maintained in a slightly flexed but relaxed position. This neck flexion allows for total patient comfort, optimal exposure of the hump, and maximum removal by the surgeon. The elevation from the bed provides plenty of room for the patient to breath freely.

Our experience in removing buffalo hump removal beverly hills is unmatched. We have likely removed more buffalo humps than any other practice worldwide. We have performed this procedure thousands of times as seen in this video and it is always very rewarding and successful.

To learn whether or not you may benefit from buffalo hump removal surgery, contact us today!

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