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Transferring fat from areas of excess to areas of need is a safe and natural way to enhance your body shape. Fat Transfer is performed comfortably under light sedation without the need for general anesthesia. Light sedation is safer and allows for an improved sculpting environment, a much quicker recovery, and an overall better experience and shape. The fat is carefully sculpted away from problems areas and then transferred to regions such as the breast, buttock, face, hands, and other depressions or defects. Please refer to the laser liposuction for details on fat removal.

Transferring fat to the predetermined areas will give you a more youthful, voluptuous look. Fat transfer to the breast is a great way to naturally augment your breasts without the need for an implant. It is also known as the Natural Breast Augmentation. It will usually increase your size by about a cup. So if you are a B cup, then you will likely be a C cup. It’s a fuller look with an increased cleavage and a more symmetrical bosom. You may have heard of a “Brazilian Butt Lift.” This is simply a fat transfer procedure in which your own fat that has been removed from problem areas such as the abdomen, waist, or hips is then meticulously transferred into the buttocks to provide a fuller, more youthful appearance to the rear end.

Fat can also be moved into the face to replace lost volume that occurs with aging or genetic disposition. Areas that typically benefit from facial volume replacement include the cheeks, smile lines, marionette folds, and temples. This procedure benefits all ages and can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or with a face & neck lift. If fat transfer to the face is the only procedure performed then only a small area of fat removal is required rather then extensive body sculpting. The removed fat can also be injected into the back of the hands. It is amazing how hands can appear old and worn when they have lost volume beneath the skin surface. By simply injecting your own fat into them, your hands can regain a dramatically youthful appearance. Other areas that benefit from fat transfer include depressions or defects caused by trauma or natural causes. These may include burn wounds, muscle tears, fat necrosis, tumor excision defects, breast lumpectomy abnormalities & breast reconstruction irregularities.

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