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If the skin beneath your jaw has begun to sag or fat deposits are accumulating in the bands along the front of your neck, it can give the illusion of a double chin and may cause you to look older than you would like to appear, especially in comparison to the look of your face. There are many reasons why such sagging occurs: the impact of age and gravity on the skin and muscles, heredity, or even weight loss can all contribute to creating bothersome and sometimes unattractive skin around your neck. If that is the case for you, you may want to consult with Dr. Yovino to determine if a neck lift would help to smooth out the skin, redefine appropriate and pleasing contours, and create a more refined & appealing neckline.

The most common neck lift technique includes liposuction, the firming up of underlying muscles, and the removal of excess skin from the neck area. If you are concerned about unsightly scars, rest assured that Dr. Yovino will hide the scars under the chin where they will be nearly imperceptible. After consulting with you, Dr. Yovino may determine that you are a good candidate for a mini neck lift in which he can use laser liposuction to help you reach your cosmetic surgery goals.

The procedure itself normally takes 2-3 hours during which time you will be sedated with local anesthetic; see the video below for more information. In most cases, patients are able to return home the same day that the neck lift procedure is performed.

Because each patient is unique and will require slightly different treatment plans, Dr. Yovino will meet with you in advance of the procedure and discuss all of the details with you.

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