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Are you struggling with pattern baldness or other types of unwanted hair loss? Ideal Face & Body offers several different procedures designed to stimulate regrowth and restore thick, beautiful hair.

Hair Restoration with PRP: Microneedling

What is PRP Therapy? Ideal Face & Body offers PRP Therapy for hair loss. This innovative, non-surgical treatment entails withdrawing a patient’s blood, and processing it so that only the enriched cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain. The pure PRP is then injected into the patient’s scalp. PRP contains essential proteins and growth factors capable of stimulating new, natural hair growth. This treatment can be used to address pattern baldness, thicken hair, and maximize the result of hair transplants.

What to expect? At the start of your procedure, we will draw your blood and put it into a device called a centrifuge to extract the PRP. We will then administer local nerve blocks to numb the treatment area. There is very little downtime after the procedure. Hair regrowth will be stimulated gradually over time, and sessions are spaced 6 weeks apart. After completing the series of treatments and reaching your desired result, re-treatment is not usually necessary.

Who is a good candidate for this procedure? Most healthy adults can undergo this procedure to address hair regrowth concerns. It is always recommended that patients avoid taking any blood-thinning medications, including NSAIDs like Advil or Motrin, in the 2 weeks prior to and following the procedure. This ensures that the platelets are in a prime state to deliver the best result.

This simple, non-surgical, in-office treatment has been shown to be effective for both male & female pattern baldness.

Hair Restoration with Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cells are biological cells that have the ability to develop into any type of cell in the body. They also contain compounds that are needed for tissue protection and repair. Stem cells are capable of regenerating human cells, including those responsible for hair growth. Stem cells can be used alone, or in conjunction with PRP to achieve the maximum effect. This is typically a one-time treatment, and results in new hair growth in approximately 6 months.

Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and find out which hair restoration treatment is right for you. Be sure to check out Dr. Sarah’s instagram @dr.sarah.yovino to see more before & after photos.

Learn More About PRP Treatments & See It In Action! Check Out This Video

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