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Abdominoplasty, or a “tummy-tuck,” can firm up a sagging stomach with an incision that is nearly imperceptibly hidden by blending in with the underwear line of the patient.

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A tummy tuck will remove extra skin and surplus fat from the lower portion of the abdomen. In addition, any muscles laying under the skin that have become stretched, separated, or damaged in any way can be tightened up during the procedure, while any existing hernias are repaired. The result is a tighter, firmer abdomen with a hidden incision that no one will ever suspect is present.

Although abdominoplasty can require a longer recovery period than some other forms of cosmetic surgery, it will tone up your figure and provide lasting results that other procedures cannot. Patients can expect to be off work for a time. Activity levels may not return to normal for up to six weeks following the surgery. However, the tummy tuck and the recovery period will prove worth it when there is no longer loose skin, a sagging pot belly, or excessive fat hanging about the abdomen.

This video features precision liposculpting of the waist & flanks, a ‘lollipop’ breast lift, and a super slim down tummy tuck with an internal corset permanent waist trainer

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