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TUMMY / LOVE HANDLES / STOMACH / WAIST LIPOSUCTION PRECISION SCULPT® Are you finding it difficult to lose the love handles or stubborn fat in your abdomen, waist, flank, and back, despite living a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and regular exercise? Are you happy with your current activity level and eating routine but just want to improve the shape and size of your body? Are you looking to enhance the results from non-invasive non-surgical body contouring?

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Ideal Face & Body wants to help make your body goals come true. Using our advanced, highly-crafted liposculpting technique, PRECISION SCULPT®, our Plastic Surgeons permanently reshape and slim the body by gently removing excess fat from problem areas. The front of the tummy can be addressed as a stand-alone approach but it is more common to treat the entire abdominal circumference in a 360 degree fashion. This Lipo 360 experience is one of the most popular procedures and can dramatically improve the whole mid-section. During the same procedure, it is not unusual for patients to have their own fat transferred to enhance their breastsbuttocksfacehands, or scars. The procedure is performed comfortably and safely awake and relaxed in the office. While listening to their favorite music, patients receive complete local anesthesia and typically take oral pain and relaxation medications as well as laughing gas to allow for a very enjoyable experience. Our dedicated medical team has over a decade of surgical experience and delivering world-class results that you can see and feel, all while ensuring your comfort and safety. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to find out if Tummy Lipo 360 PRECISION SCULPT® may be right for you.

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