4 Reasons Why a Fat Transfer in Beverly Hills Could Be Perfect for You

Body contouring is one of the most favored cosmetic treatments, and a fat transfer in Beverly Hills is the preferred method for many patients. This treatment has proven to be highly effective for moving unwanted fat from one part of the body to another. Wondering how? Learn more below.

What is a Fat Transfer?

It is a cosmetic procedure that uses liposuction to remove fat from one region of the body to be used in another area. Once the fat is extracted from areas with excess deposits, it is purified and transferred into an area that needs it.

A fat transfer in Beverly Hills can be used on almost any part of the body. But the most common areas include the face, buttocks, breasts, biceps, hands, and more. The outcome is a smoother, supple, and natural-looking area.

Is a Fat Transfer Ideal for You?

Anyone who wants to fill or augment specific areas of the body are more likely to qualify for a fat transfer in Beverly Hills. However, you must meet certain criteria. For example, you must be in good health, have realistic expectations, and have sufficient fat.

Generally, here are several reasons why a fat transfer could be perfect for you.

No Rejections and Allergic Reactions

Some patients experience challenges with synthetic implants because they introduce foreign material into the body. For instance, a bad reaction to these materials can cause an allergic response, infection, and even rejection of the material. With a fat transfer, on the other hand, the materials that are used come directly from your body. The risk of a reaction or rejection is therefore reduced greatly. Similarly, there is no fear of complications that usually come with synthetic materials.

Flexible Treatment Options

A fat transfer in Beverly Hills can be used on almost any part of the body. In the face, for example, it can be employed to remove wrinkles or add volume to your cheeks. It can also be used to rectify any dents or bumps on your face. This flexibility allows the surgeon to customize the treatment to suit your wants and needs.

Less Recovery Time

Unlike other procedures, a fat transfer is minimally-invasive. The extracted fat is simply injected into the targeted area. Therefore, you can resume work fairly quickly.

Long-Lasting Results

Apart from having less recovery time than an invasive surgical procedure, a fat transfer in Beverly Hills also offers natural-looking and long-lasting results. Since the fat used comes from your body, it easily fits into the surrounding tissues of the treated area.

Learn More

A fat transfer is a reliable way to make use of extra fat on your body. For great results, use the services of our team at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills. Contact us today to book your consultation and get started!

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