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The Mini Tuck, or Mini Abdominoplasty, is the most modern approach to minimally invasive tummy rejuvenation. The procedure is easily performed under local anesthesia with light sedation. This means you are very comfortable while at the same time avoiding the risk of general anesthesia.

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The procedure involves the removal of the loose skin in the lower abdomen and results in a well-hidden fine line below the bikini line that is even better than a c-section scar. If you already have a c-section scar then that is perfect because now you likely have an improved scar with tighter skin and a flatter tummy. The Mini Tuck is commonly performed with full tummy laser liposuction sculpting. The sculpting of your love handles, flanks, and upper and lower abdomen will significantly improve your shape and the skin removal will provide tightening of your skin. The Mini Tuck also has the advantage of a very quick recovery. The procedures take about 2 hours and you go home afterwards. Patients usually take a couple days off of work and are then back to normal daily activities other than aggressive exercise for a couple weeks. If you are you wishing for a flatter, tighter, more sculpted tummy then this procedure may be perfect for you.

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Before & After Results

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