How Many Inches Can I Lose With Laser Liposuction?

If you’ve been dieting, exercising, and working to improve the look of your body, you may have found that there are certain spots that just won’t shape up no matter how hard you try. Invasive surgical procedures used to be the only way to resolve these stubborn fatty areas. But a powerful body contouring tool called Laser Liposuction Beverly Hills, which is offered by Ideal Face & Body, now makes it possible for patients to get the results they’ve been striving for with a treatment that’s only minimally invasive.

How Laser Liposuction Beverly Hills Works

Laser Liposuction, which is sometimes referred to as Laser Lipo or Smart Lipo, destroys and removes fat cells from targeted problem areas in the body. It’s a great way to get rid of an abdominal pouch, slim down the thighs, eliminate love handles, or tackle other areas where stubborn fat has proved resistant to weight loss and exercise. As an added benefit, Laser Liposuction Beverly Hills also stimulates collagen production in the treatment area, leaving the skin tighter, smoother, and more youthful-looking.

This treatment relies on a cannula, or small tube, that’s equipped with a fiber-optic laser tip. A small incision is made in the treatment area, and the tube is inserted into the fatty area and moved gently back and forth, liquefying fat cells and suctioning them out of the body. Laser Lipo is generally performed in our office under local anesthesia, and it usually takes about an hour to treat each area of concern.

How Many Inches Can I Lose With Laser Liposuction?

Patients sometimes ask us how many inches or pounds they can expect to lose as a result of this treatment. But Laser Liposuction is really a body contouring technology, and the success of this treatment is measured not on the inches or pounds lost, but by the overall look and shape the body takes on.

This type of lipo is not about the numbers. It’s about the results and helping patients look great. It’s about getting rid of the bulge or the excess collection of fat that’s been bothering you. Once those frustrating spots are gone, your body will look leaner, fitter, and more pleasing. And regardless of whether or not you actually did lose weight or inches as a result of the treatment, you’ll look like you did.

If your primary goal is to shed pounds or inches, the most successful approach may be to embark on a general weight loss program, or in some cases, bariatric surgery. During Laser Lipo cases, up to 5 liters of fat can be removed from the body. Depending on a patient’s cosmetic goals, a smaller amount of fat may be removed. Every aspect of this treatment is focused on giving each patient his or her optimum look.

FAQ About Treatment

What Specific Parts of the Body Can Be Treated?

Laser Lipo is a versatile treatment that can be used all over the body to blast away unwanted fat. Target areas may include the thighs, buttocks, flanks, abdomen, back, and arms. Tight, sensitive areas like the neck and face can also be treated with Laser Lipo.

What’s the Recovery Like?

Patients return home later the same day and often spend a few days resting before returning to work. We sometimes ask patients to wear a compression garment for a week or two after their appointment. This garment will fit snugly over the area that was treated. It will speed recovery and help your skin conform to the new shape of the body.

Will I Feel Anything During the Treatment?

We will numb the treatment area in advance, and you’ll also be under a local anesthetic, which means you’ll be awake but you won’t feel anything. It’s possible you’ll feel light pressure during your session, but you won’t experience any discomfort.

If I’m Not Losing Inches or Pounds, What Kind of Results Will I See?

Patients who have undergone Laser Lipo have bodies that are aesthetically balanced, sculpted, and pleasing. Bulges that have developed in the wrong places are gone, and the flabby areas that are bothering you will have been wiped away. Overall, your body will appear leaner and more defined.

Laser Lipo is even more effective than weight loss when it comes to giving you the body you want. Traditional weight loss usually involves shedding pounds all over the body. With a treatment like Laser Lipo, you can get rid of the flabby areas you don’t care for while keeping the curves that you love.

Will My Results Be Permanent?

Your results will be permanent, and the fat this treatment removes from your body will be gone for good. You’ll need to keep up your results, though. Your body will still grow and change in response to the lifestyle you’re living.

If you’re not careful over the long term about your dietary and exercise habits, you may see your results begin to erode. But as long as you maintain healthy habits, your results will last for the rest of your life.

Will It Help With My Cellulite?

Laser Lipo can help improve your overall silhouette and leave the skin in the treatment area smoother and more youthful, but it won’t specifically address cellulite.

Cellulite develops when fat collects around the fibrous cords that latch the skin to the underlying muscle. As pressure on the cords builds, they tug at the skin, creating a dimpled appearance. Although Laser Lipo does get rid of fat cells and can sometimes result in a modest improvement in cellulite, it won’t specifically treat it. Most cellulite treatments directly target the fibrous cords, releasing the tension.

How Does This Compare to Traditional Liposuction?

Laser Lipo is a new and improved version of the traditional approach to liposuction. Traditional liposuction involves larger cannulas, which makes it a more invasive procedure. And because there is no laser tip on the cannula during traditional liposuction, fat is removed primarily through manipulation and suction.

The use of a laser in Laser Lipo helps melt the fat, making it much easier to extract. The laser tip also offers the added advantage of tightening and smoothing the skin, something traditional liposuction doesn’t do. Overall, Laser Lipo is easier on the body and offers more refined results as well as a faster recovery for the patient.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Liposuction Beverly Hills?

Laser Lipo offers a number of benefits, including customized treatments and smoother skin. Here are some of the reasons why patients continually seek out Laser Lipo:

Customized Treatment

This treatment can be performed virtually anywhere on the body and can be tailored depending on your personal goals. Whether you want to slim down your hips and thighs or really hone in on the extra fat in your upper arms, this type of liposuction offers effective results.

We’ll talk with you before your session about your goals and design a treatment plan that delivers the results you want. Some patients opt to pursue Laser Liposuction Beverly Hills  as well as another cosmetic treatment, such as botulinum toxin injections or skin peels, to enhance their results.


This is an outpatient treatment, which means you won’t have to worry about an overnight hospital stay. Patients like the fact that they can go home the same day. The recovery period is also relatively swift, and most patients are able to get back to their regular routines within a week.

Tight, Smooth Skin

This treatment’s ability to stimulate collagen production, leaving the skin in the area of concern smoother and tighter, is a significant benefit. This means you won’t have to worry about getting rid of that stubborn patch of fat only to have sagging, loose skin left in its place. It also ensures that your body will be both sculpted and youthful in appearance.

Fast Results

We know you’ll be excited to see your results after this treatment, and fortunately you won’t have to wait long. This effective treatment offers results that are visible almost immediately and will continue to improve over the next six to eight weeks.

A Silhouette You Can Be Proud Of

One of the biggest benefits of this treatment is that it gets rid of the problem areas that many patients have struggled with for years, leaving them with a body they can feel proud of. You’ll look and feel great, and your self-confidence will get an immediate boost. You’ll also be surprised at how easier everyday life is once those stubborn areas are gone.

Carrying luggage or even groceries will be a lot simpler, and exercise will be more comfortable. Many patients who have undergone this treatment find themselves gravitating toward a more active lifestyle.

Is This Type of Liposuction for Me?

If you’re interested in learning more about this approach to liposuction and finding out if it’s the right treatment for you, the first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Justin Yovino. Dr. Yovino is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with a special interest in cosmetic aesthetic surgery.

During your consultation, Dr. Yovino will talk with you about your medical history and your cosmetic goals. He will also evaluate your areas of concern and help determine if Laser Lipo is the best treatment for you. There are several signs that you may be an especially good candidate:

You Aren’t Far Over Your Healthy Weight

This treatment can be especially effective for patients who are exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy BMI, but who need a little help resolving some particularly pesky areas on the body. For these patients, a Laser Lipo treatment serves as a tune-up of sorts that helps them finally reach the cosmetic goals they’ve been working toward.

Good General Health

Non-smokers who are in good overall health make great candidates. If you have any underlying medical issues, please let us know about them during your consultation. This treatment is not suitable for patients who are pregnant.

Your Skin Is Fairly Elastic

Elasticity levels in the skin tend to decline naturally with age, but it helps if the skin still has a little bounce to it. Skin that retains some degree of elasticity is better able to adjust to the new shape of the body after treatment.

Take the First Step Today

Are you ready to put your problem spots behind you and finally achieve the look body you’ve been working toward? Laser Liposuction Beverly Hills can help. This treatment won’t take a guaranteed number of inches and pounds off your frame, but it will do something even better: it will sculpt and define your body with optimal results in mind. Inches and pounds are just numbers. This approach to liposuction is all about results. Call Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills, CA and schedule a Laser Liposuction consultation today.

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