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It is obvious that liposuction is a very popular procedure. In fact, it is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure similar to the popularity of breast augmentation. Big or small, liposuction is a procedure that almost everybody qualifies for in some fashion. Liposuction is offered worldwide but the epicenter for world-class aesthetic results is Beverly Hills. Unfortunately for the patients, even in Beverly Hills, liposuction results significantly vary amongst surgeons and non-surgeons. Contrary to belief in the medical community, liposuction is not an easy procedure. Removal of fat requires a fine sculpting approach and not a debulking approach. In other words, it is not about how MUCH fat is removed, it is about HOW all the fat is removed. Since fat removal is better approached with a sculpting technique, it is more appropriate to refer to it as liposculpting. Regarding your Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, effectively sculpting fat from the body requires considerable experience, a thorough shape and fat distribution evaluation during the consultation and just prior to surgery, excellent listening skills, photographic evaluation, safe relaxation, the appropriate power-assisted liposuction hand-piece, a wide selection of micro-cannulas for all the levels of available fat, very even and thorough numbing, multiple positions and angles of approach during the procedure, and lots of patience and attention to detail to name some. Putting all of these together leads to a more precise approach and hence: PRECISION SCULPT®.

Best Regards,

Drs. Yovino, MD

Justin Yovino, MD, FACS
Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Sarah Yovino, MD
Double Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Pain Management
Cosmetic Master Injector

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