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Fat transfer to the face is a natural long term way to replace lost facial volume or enhance the balance and harmony of the face. Facial fat transfer is also an excellent way to maximize your facelift result or improve the early signs of facial aging. It helps set back the clock by establishing a more youthful volumized state, as well as improving the quality of the overlying skin. Fat transfer to the face may include: filling in the bags under the eyes, filling out the deflated cheeks, smile lines, temples, eyebrows and/or chin area to lift facial features, or as an all purpose filler to the face. The procedure is performed in the office and may be a stand-alone procedure or combined with other procedures. Dr. Yovino commonly performs this procedure under local anesthesia with either oral sedation or light intravenous sedation. You are able to return home after your procedure. Fat is usually sculpted from the tummy or thighs utilizing advanced meticulous liposculpting techniques. Unless you are undergoing body contouring laser liposuction, the donor site typically does not show any signs of removal because only a small amount of fat is required for facial sculpting.

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