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When to Consider a Breast Reduction in Beverly Hills

When you think about Beverly Hills and cosmetic surgery, one of the procedures you likely think about is breast augmentation. Surprisingly, more and more women are opting to consider a breast reduction in Beverly Hills.

For some Beverly Hills women, their breasts are so large that they are not proportionate with the rest of their body. The contrast between the height and breast size means that these women must constantly compensate for the weight of their breasts by standing in a slouched position.

At the same time, there are the skin issues that come from having overly large breasts. Many women complain about indents from their bra straps, difficulty finding clothing that fits, and dealing with irritation on their skin, especially in the area underneath their breasts.

Another challenge that comes for Beverly Hills women who have exceptionally large breasts is that regardless of how much they diet and exercise, they still look like they are heavy. Overly large breasts makes it difficult for some of these women to be active. Everyday activities become more challenging because of carrying around the extra weight associated with exceptionally large breasts. Breast reduction surgery may help out with this.

These are not isolated cases. In fact, breast reduction surgery is one of the more popular types of cosmetic surgery procedures performed in Beverly Hills. The age range of women who undergo this procedure range from those who are in their early twenties to those who are into their middle-age years.

There is no set size that is identified as being too large. What determines whether or not a woman may want to look into breast reduction procedures are things like pain in their neck, pain in their back, pain in their shoulders, and confidence issues associated with the size of the breasts.

Breast reduction surgery at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills could work for you. Contact our office today to book a consultation and find out for sure!

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