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Enhance Your Cup Size with Breast Augmentation

If you feel like your breasts are too small and you want to enhance their size, you should know that you are not alone. On an annual basis, more than 250,000 breast augmentation procedures are performed. Some of these breast augmentation procedures are performed in connection with reconstructive surgery after a cancer treatment or after an accident. However, the vast majority of them are performed on women who are just not happy with the breast size that nature has given them.

There was a time when breast augmentation was something that only the rich and famous got involved in. Now, many women from all walks of life who want to enhance the size of their breasts are enjoying the benefits that this procedure provides.

When is the Best Time to Get Breast Augmentation?

There are a few things to factor in. For example, do you have any weight loss goals? It is a good idea to be at or very close to your ideal weight before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgical procedure. This is because weight fluctuations can change the size and/or shape of your bust. If you are overall healthy but you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, then you may be in the perfect position to move forward with breast augmentation.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The breast augmentation procedure is customized based on the patient’s wants and needs. However, during a typical procedure, our surgeon skillfully inserts the implants into the preselected locations. The recovery time after the procedure is going to vary from person to person. We will make sure to discuss all of this with you during your initial consultation.

Getting Started with Breast Augmentation

If you are not happy with your breast size, do something about it. Learn more about breast augmentation and what it can do for you. Set up a time to meet with Dr. Yovino at Ideal Face & Body so that you can find out if you qualify for breast enhancement surgery. Our office is conveniently located in Beverly Hills, CA. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for breast augmentation!

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