Alternatives to CoolSculpting for Inner Thighs?

Question:  “I am a 6 feet tall guy. The circumference dimension of my upper thigh is measured to be 24 inches on each side. I was told by the nurse, after assessment, that the tissues in my inner thighs are too dense and hard that’s why I am not a candidate for coolsculpting. Are there any alternatives available? As far as I know mesotherapy isn’t an option the fact there is no scientific proof.”

Dr. Yovino’s Answer:

Being a male with those measurements, a non-invasive approach might be the best option since there is likely a small amount of fat contributing to the size.  Radio frequency devices such as Venus Legacy, as well as laser devices such as SculpSure are reasonable options.  Minimally invasive precision liposuction liposculpting approaches with microcannulas will achieve the most instantaneous results.  This procedure is very specific to experienced surgeons.  

-Justin Yovino, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, CA

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