Do you recomend lipo of the flanks when doing a lipo admoninoplasty?

Q: “On 11/28/16 I went in for a BA, lipo admoninoplasty, & lipo on outer thighs. Unfortunately while i was under i started coughing due to acid reflux & they had to stop the surgery & wake me up. They only got the back portion of my outer thighs complete. I had to reschedule for 2 wks out i was so disappointed & upset i was looking forward to this surgery so much. Now that i have more time ive been thinking will the TT look strange without lipo of the flanks? Or will it be blended ok?”

Dr. Yovino’s Answer: If there is fat in the flanks then usually there is an enhanced Tummy Tuck result if the flanks are addressed with liposuction sculpting techniques. 

-Justin Yovino, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, CA

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