The Benefits of Laser Liposuction in Beverly Hills

In the past, traditional liposuction was the only available technique to remove fat. Now, you can get the same results with laser liposuction. Laser liposuction in Beverly Hills helps contour the body to make you look better overall. You can get great results with traditional liposuction, but laser liposuction makes an amazing alternative.

Less Invasive

Laser liposuction in Beverly Hills and traditional liposuction work on the same principle of converting fat into a removable state and suctioning, but the technique to convert fat differs. Traditional liposuction involves manually removing the fat. Laser liposuction uses smaller tools to remove the fat. The heat from the laser melts the fat, making it easier to remove, which results in less issues from not having to manually move the tool as much. Since the tools are smaller, there is minimal scarring, and the laser does not damage surrounding skin.

You Get Tighter Skin

Traditional liposuction can sometimes leave sagging skin, which can stay a long time after the procedure. Laser liposuction in Beverly Hills offers the benefit of tighter skin by encouraging collagen production. Tightened skin results in a more sculpted appearance, and some results are commonly noticed right after the procedure. The laser energy tightens the skin by coagulating the blood during the process, which prevents skin dimpling.

There is Less Recovery Time

Laser lipo in Beverly Hills typically uses local anesthesia, and you should be able to return to normal activities relatively quickly. Some clients may be able to return to work the next day, depending on the situation.

Laser liposuction in Beverly Hills may very well be your answer to a contoured body, but traditional liposuction still may be best. It all depends on the unique case. To schedule an initial consultation and learn more, contact us today at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills. We look forward to speaking with you!

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