Why a Fat Transfer Provides the Perfect Brazilian Butt Lift

Butt augmentation is among the fastest growing areas of cosmetic surgery. If you dream of having a curvier and perkier butt, the Brazilian butt lift may be the best option for you. Dr. Yovino, a nationally recognized cosmetic surgeon at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills, CA, can also help patients achieve a flatter stomach, a slimmer waistline, and a more sculpted derriere. Below are some of the reasons a fat transfer makes for the perfect Brazilian butt lift.

Easy to Remove and Relocate Unwanted Fat

A Brazilian butt lift works by first collecting fat from one or more problem areas of your body and then depositing it into your buttocks to help achieve a fuller, more developed bum. The fat may be acquired from the abdomen or other area. Afterward, a specific amount of this fat is injected into your butt, which artistically sculpts your body into a natural beauty!

A Fat Transfer Makes Perfect Sense

Many patients are skeptical about injecting artificial materials into their bodies or having implants surgically placed into their bum. Fat transfer makes it easy and seamless for you to get a more curvaceous, perkier behind without the use of artificial implants. You also get a more natural-looking contour and lift than you would with other foreign substances.

Long-Lasting Results

Another big advantage of a fat transfer is that the results acquired are long-lasting. This allows you to enjoy an aesthetically-appealing, curvier behind for a long time, as your own fat is used.

Any time you’re ready to contour your body and give your confidence a much needed boost, Dr. Yovino will be happy and ready to help. Contact us today at Ideal Face & Body in Beverly Hills to book a consultation and learn more information about how a fat transfer is used in the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

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