I’ve had an embarrassing FUPA since I was 13 y/o. I have very fair skin. Is it possible to remove with minimal or no scarring?

Q: I have carried an embarrassing FUPA like a kangaroo pouch since I was 13. I’m now 30. I’ve gained weight, lost significant weight, and through every stage, the FUPA remains. It either gets fuller or shrinks, but the skin doesn’t retract. I just wish I could get the whole thing sheared off. Is it possible to have this surgically removed with no scarring or at least minimal scarring? It is important given my very fair skin.

romannumer, Pasadena, CA

Dr. Yovino’s Answer: There’s likely a satisfying result in your future once you’ve attended a few consults and chosen the correct plastic surgeon.  This region of the body is commonly treated with the following options: lipo sculpting, skin excision, muscle tightening, and non-invasive skin tightening. You might just need one or you might benefit from all. Hope to see you soon.

Justin Yovino, MD FACS 

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills, CA

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